*Closed* NA 2v2 Tournament

  • Hey all. This is a 2v2 Tournament open to all who want to enter. Registration will be ending on the 22nd with matches taking place from the 25th-29th with the Semi-Finals and Finals being held on Sunday the 31st at early night (EST)/ late afternoon (PST).

    Please sign-up in this thread by copy and pasting the following and then writing in your answers AFTER the bold tags:

    [b]Team Name:[/b]
    [b]Name of Participant 1:[/b]
    [b]Steam ID of Participant 1:[/b]
    [b]Name of Participant 1:[/b]
    [b]Steam ID of Participant 1:[/b]
    [b]Mon 25th-[/b]
    [b]Tue 26th-[/b]
    [b]Wed 27th-[/b]
    [b]Thu 28th-[/b]
    [b]Fri 29th-[/b] 
    [b]Sun 31st-[/b]
    [i][b]Theme Song[/b][/i]- (Insert Youtube URL here if you want a theme song that might play for a bit if the match is streamed. Nothing profane).

    Note that that while your hours of availability will be taken into account, there is no guarantee that you will get your ideal hours. Matches may be streamed or recorded.

    To find your Steam ID, go to your steam profile, right click, select “Copy Page URL”, go to steamidfinder.com, enter that URL. It’ll then give you your STEAM ID.

  • 2v2 LTS Tournament 1 Rules


    Format: 2v2 LTS
    Servers: Dark Age Gaming (Unless otherwise agreed Upon. These are in Dallas, TX)
    Friendly Fire: 100%
    Third Person: Disabled
    Modifications: None Allowed
    Balance: No Ranged/Projectiles
    Map Selection: Moor
    Spectators: None allowed
    Winning Conditions: First team to 7 won rounds will be declared the victor

    Complete Rules

    1. Registration
    1a. Your roster may consist of a minimum of 2 individuals.
    1b. Once submitted in the proper thread on the Chivalry Official Forums, you will be able to alter your roster provided that it must keep at least 50% of its previous members and that you submit any changes before the deadline of March 22, 2013.

    2. Scheduling, Attendance, and Score Reporting
    2a. To sign-up, please post in the appropriate thread on the Chivalry Official Forums.
    2b. If a team doesn’t show up within a 10 minute grace period of when the match is scheduled to being, then that team will forfeit the match. The ref will be required to provide a screenshot of the server as well as the time via steam overlay as proof.

    3. Server
    3a. Each match will be played on a Dark Age Gaming server unless the following conditions are met:

    • Both parties mutually agree upon a different server
    • That server has enough room to allow for all combatants (including the alotted number of spectators) and tournament personel
    • The password for that server will be changed to a password specified by the ref for the duration of the match.
    • That server will have to have all settings specified by the rules in place.
    • A team may, at any point before or between maps, may opt to change to a Dark Age Gaming server or, if also agreed upon by the other team, another server that satisfies all the conditions above.
      3b. A referee must verify that all game settings for that server are in keeping with the tournament’s game settings.
      3b.1. A referee will also reserve the right to change what server the match is to be played on.

    4. Connection issues
    4a. If, once a match is called live, a team suffers connection issues, it will be up to both the ref and the opposing team whether the round will be reset.
    4b. If a member of either team is lagging or teleporting excessively the ref may disqualify that team. Consistent ping of 200 or greater will result in an automatic kick.

    5. Settings
    5a. Third person is disallowed
    5b. Friendly Fire will be set to 100%
    5c. No Modifications will be allowed to the game unless they are purely aesthetic and submitted to the mods in the appropriate forum.
    5d. Each match is to take place on the current patch.
    5e. All settings not mentioned specifically in the rules are to be set to the default settings of the game.

    6. Maps
    6a. All games will be played on AOCLTS-Moor_P

    7. Class balance
    7a. No ranged/projectiles will be allowed.

    8. Spectators
    8a. There will be no spectators other than the combatants and those specified by Tournament staff.

    9. Draws/Timeouts
    9a. A team may request 1 round each be drawn out.
    9b. Not adhering to the drawn out rules will result in a forefeiture of the round and an additional draw awarded to the party denied of their full draw.
    9b.1. If this occurs twice, the offending team will be disqualified.

    10. Duel
    10a. There will be no duel

    11. Format and Winning Conditions
    11a. The first team to win 7 rounds will be declared the victor.

    12. Tournament Progression System
    12a. This tournament will be single elimination.

    13. Code of Conduct- During match
    13a. The following code of conduct will be followed for the duration of the tournament starting at the time any tournament match is scheduled for.
    13b. When conducting business regarding the tournament with either tournament staff or participants swearing, prejudice, unsportsmanlike conduct may result in punishment ranging from a warning to ejection of that individual from the match or tournament and a loss of the round for their team.
    13b. Each team may only select one representative to post in the in-game chat, and that representative may only post regarding information of objective relevance to the tournament such as calling for a draw round or asking if the match is live.
    13c. Treat each opponent as well as tournament staff with the utmost respect.
    13d. Do not knowingly hack or glitch.

    14. Code of Conduct- Outside of matches
    14a. There shall be no sexual harassment, prejudice, or any other form of malicious harassment between participants and other participants or tournament staff. If there are multiple validated reports of sustained malicious harassment from one source then that individual/team will be warned. After accumulating multiple warnings and still persisting in the behavior more severe punishments may occur such as suspensions and expulsions from the tournament or site.

    15. Cheating
    15a. What is considered a map glitch or exploit will be up to the discretion of the referee.
    15b. Any individual caught cheating/hacking will be expelled from the tournament for that season and the team will be eliminated.
    15c. Any individual caught map glitching or exploiting will be either ejected or warned based on their actions. Example: If someone discovers a glitch in a map and then immediately walks out of it they will most likely just be warned. If they stay in this area and exploit it then they will be ejected and their team will forfeit the map.

    16. Disclaimer
    16a. It is the right of the tournament staff to change any rules as they see fit at any time.

  • Team Name: Cistern Dogs
    Name of Participant 1: Lg | HeightofAbsurdity
    Steam ID of Participant 1: STEAM_0:1:48952002
    Name of Participant 1: Lg | Chuckdatass
    Steam ID of Participant 1: STEAM_0:0:12243579
    Theme Song#1
    Theme Song#2

    Mon 25th- After 4PM PST
    Tue 26th- None
    Wed 27th- After 4PM PST
    Thu 28th- None
    Fri 29th- After 6PM PST
    Sun 31st- All Day

  • Team Name: Nic Cage Crew
    Name of Participant 1: Lg | Kyudo
    Steam ID of Participant 1: http://steamcommunity.com/id/Tinders
    Name of Participant 1: Lg | Breakfast Warrior
    Steam ID of Participant 1: http://steamcommunity.com/id/BreakfastWarrior/

    Mon 25th- Not available
    Tue 26th- Not available
    Wed 27th- Not available
    Thu 28th- Not available
    Fri 29th- After 5 PM PST.
    Sun 31st- After 10 AM PST.

    Theme Song#1
    Theme Song#2

  • Team Name: Don’t Mace Me Bro!
    Name of Participant 1: ƒ|DoFoo
    Steam ID of Participant 1:STEAM_0:0:52736445
    Name of Participant 1: ƒ|Root King
    Steam ID of Participant 1:STEAM_0:0:950219


  • Team Name: Kamikazie Crushers
    Name of Participant 1: Del
    Steam ID of Participant 1: STEAM_0:1:40099333
    Name of Participant 1: Naleaus
    Steam ID of Participant 1: STEAM_0:1:52343942

    Mon 25th- Not Available
    Tue 26th- After 3PM PST
    Wed 27th- After 3PM PST
    Thu 28th- After 3PM PST
    Fri 29th- After 3PM PST
    Sun 31st- After 9AM PST

  • Team Name: Pro Pro Booming
    Name of Participant 1: PPB^Balsam
    Steam ID of Participant 1: http://steamcommunity.com/id/Balsam13/
    Name of Participant 1: PPB^VixQ
    Steam ID of Participant 1: http://steamcommunity.com/id/VixQ

    Mon 25th- Any time
    Tue 26th- Any time
    Wed 27th- n/a
    Thu 28th- n/a
    Fri 29th- any time
    Sun 31st- any time

  • **Team Name:**pR
    **Name of Participant 1:**Park Ranger Jeff
    **Steam ID of Participant 1:**76561198005826520
    **Name of Participant 1:**Park Ranger Dan
    **Steam ID of Participant 1:**76561197999816058

    Mon 25th-
    <-come @ me.
    Tue 26th-<-come @ me.
    Wed 27th-<-come @ me.
    Thu 28th-<-come @ me.
    Fri 29th-<-come @ me.
    Sun 31st-<-come @ me.

  • Team Name: Non-Lethal Assassins
    Name of Participant 1: Lg | chrisomatic
    Steam ID of Participant 1: STEAM_0:0:25218416
    Name of Participant 1: Lg | Krull
    Steam ID of Participant 1: STEAM_0:0:12965608

    Mon 25th- Anytime
    Tue 26th- After 3 PM EST
    Wed 27th- Anytime
    Thu 28th- After 3 PM EST
    Fri 29th- Anytime
    Sun 31st- Anytime

    _Theme Song - _Black Winter Day

  • Team Name: Crossing the Rubicon
    Name of Participant 1: ƒ|The Baron of Ibelin
    Steam ID of Participant 1: STEAM_0:0:37940749
    Name of Participant 1: ƒ|ŠïN
    Steam ID of Participant 1: STEAM_0:0:60257706


    Mon 25th- After 7 PM CDT
    Tue 26th- After 7 PM CDT
    Wed 27th- After 7 PM CDT
    Thu 28th- After 7 PM CDT
    Fri 29th- After 7 PM CDT
    Sun 31st- After 10 AM CDT

    Theme Song 1: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zwG97ah0 … A&index=17
    Theme Song 2: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hTGcJuWQ … A&index=49

  • Team Name: Double Fisting
    Name of Participant 1: [FIST] NinjaCub
    **Steam ID of Participant 1:**STEAM_0:1:14320698
    Name of Participant 2: [FIST] DrDiamond
    **Steam ID of Participant 2:**STEAM_0:0:43547578

    Mon 25th- After 6PM CST
    Tue 26th- After 10PM CST
    Wed 27th- After 10PM CST
    Thu 28th- After 10PM CST
    Fri 29th- After 10 PM CST
    Sun 31st- All Day

  • Team Name: Beatin’ Guts
    **Name of Participant 1:**ia. | Beats
    **Steam ID of Participant 1:**STEAM_0:0:50458841
    **Name of Participant 2:**ia. | Guts
    **Steam ID of Participant 2:**STEAM_0:1:20890918

    Mon 25th- 5:30 EST - 9:30 EST
    Tue 26th- 5:30 EST - 9:30 EST
    Wed 27th- 5:30 EST - 9:30 EST
    Thu 28th- 5:30 EST - 9:30 EST
    Fri 29th- 5:30 EST - 2:00 EST
    Sun 31st- 1:00 EST - 9:30 EST

    Theme Song- http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JdxJtZZ7Iq4
    Theme Song- http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NSeb1kRmOHI

  • Team Name: xXx420pHant0mW?rr?or3l1teno?c0p€360sn1p3rsy?LoSWag4Je$usxXx
    Name of Participant 1: ï?? | ß??å
    Steam ID of Participant 1: STEAM_0:1:19063022
    Name of Participant 1: ï?? | ?oo??
    Steam ID of Participant 1: STEAM_0:1:19593465

    Mon 25th- None
    Tue 26th- None
    Wed 27th- After 7:30PM PST
    Thu 28th- After 7:30PM PST
    Fri 29th- None
    Sun 31st- All Day

    Theme Song - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fGeNDnYcQOA

  • Team Name: OPX
    **Name of Participant 1:**OPxBlaze
    Steam ID of Participant 1: STEAM_0:0:4056746
    Name of Participant 2: OPxErdmana
    Steam ID of Participant 2: STEAM_0:1:5283312


    Mon 25th- After 5:30 PM PST
    Tue 26th- After 5:30 PM PST
    Wed 27th- After 5:30 PM PST
    Thu 28th- After 5:30 PM PST
    Fri 29th- After 5:30 PM PST
    Sun 31st- All Day

  • Team Name: -?e?R3c†Ð-
    Name of Participant 1: -?e?R3c†Ð-Cyngor
    Steam ID of Participant 1: STEAM_0:1:4531856
    Name of Participant 1: -?e?R3c†Ð- Severian Holo
    Steam ID of Participant 1: STEAM_0:0:29334867

    Mon 25th- 9:00 PM Central Onwards
    Tue 26th- 10:00 PM Central Onwards
    Wed 27th- 9:00 PM Central Onwards
    Thu 28th- 9:00 PM Central Onwards
    Fri 29th- 9:00 PM Central Onwards
    Sun 31st- 12:00 PM Central Onwards

  • Team Name:Caliburn
    Name of Participant 1:ƒ|ZAXO|
    Steam ID of Participant 1:76561198053848361
    Name of Participant 1:ƒ|Mania|
    Steam ID of Participant 1:76561198041734250

    Mon 25th-8PM CST. Usually.
    Tue 26th-8PM CST. Usually.
    Wed 27th-8PM CST. Usually.
    Thu 28th-8PM CST. Usually.
    Fri 29th-8PM CST. Usually.
    Sun 31st-8PM CST. Usually.

    Theme Song- http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gR6CTlkIn30 It starts at 0:05

  • Team Name: Super Sand
    Name of Participant 1: 3H| The Radiant
    Steam ID of Participant 1: STEAM_0:1:24619356
    Name of Participant 2: Padawan(1)
    Steam ID of Participant 2: STEAM_0:0:19870810

    **Mon 25th-**All day
    **Tue 26th-**All day
    Wed 27th- Before 6 PM EST
    Thu 28th- All day
    Fri 29th- Until 11 PM EST
    Sun 31st- Until 11 PM EST

    Theme Song- http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tU5EMlT3Uzw

  • **Team Name:**NOW YOU’RE A MAN!
    **Name of Participant 1:**Damnitpatrick
    **Steam ID of Participant 1:**STEAM_0:0:19089472
    **Name of Participant 1:**Daddytitdirt
    **Steam ID of Participant 1:**STEAM_0:1:42970088

    Mon 25th- N/a
    Tue 26th- After 7:35Pm PST
    Wed 27th- All Day
    Thu 28th- All Day
    Fri 29th- After 11pm PST
    Sun 31st- All Day

    Theme Song- http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tx1mryKqvT8

  • Team Name: The Twins
    Name of Participant 1: Cometchaser
    Steam ID of Participant 1: STEAM_0:1:14120686
    Name of Participant 2: Patrollin with tolin
    Steam ID of Participant 2: STEAM_0:1:4275880

    Mon 25th- After 11pm EST
    Tue 26th- After 11pm EST
    Wed 27th- After 11pm EST
    Thu 28th- After 11pm EST
    Fri 29th- After 11pm EST
    Sun 31st- After 11pm EST

  • Team Name: The Bouldershoulder Brigade
    Name of Participant 1: [ASC] Kenuric the Drunk
    Steam ID of Participant 1: STEAM_0:1:53843737
    Name of Participant 1: [ASC] Beorc the Bastard
    Steam ID of Participant 1: STEAM_0:1:29189046

    Mon 25th-
    **Tue 26th-**Available after 8:30pm EST
    Wed 27th-
    Thu 28th-
    Fri 29th- Available after 6pm EST
    Sun 31st-

    Theme Song- Wenches and mead by Alestorm http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3ef6i9P7y3Y

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