Question about Mechanical Keyboards…

  • I’m considering buying one… and i’m just curious if anyone has played chivalry with both a mechanical and standard keyboards. I want to know if you feel like it improved your game at all, perhaps the responsiveness of your characters movement, or being able to get out of recovery to sprint or attack faster etc, and perhaps how (if at all) it affected your gameplay overall.

    More detail the better, i’m currently looking into the razer blackwidow ultimate, one because its rated one of the best mech keyboards for gamings sake, and 2, because it has backlighting and i need that shizzz.

    I really like the way they sound, and the way they feel when you press the buttons (i’ve tested it out). I have no concern about the sound, i like it and type kind of loud anyway (people on mumble think i already have a mechanical lol)

    Also, other than chivalry, have you noticed any other games that your skills seem to have improved in just having the extra responsiveness of the keyboard?

    I just want to guage if a mechanical keyboard is really the way to go for games, or if it’s just going to be the same as my standard keyboard. Not just for gaming, i do type a lot for work and just regular activity, especially on forums and reddit and shit soooo… only use will not be gaming, but primarily i want to try gaming with a mech.

    Let me know what you guys think, thanks!

  • There are different types of mechanical keyboards. You should look at this guide and see what kind of keys you may like. But more importantly you should go try them out somewhere. … oard-guide

  • Yeah, i’ve tried some out, and i love the feel of them, but i’m just trying to guage how they affect gameplay from people that actually have used both in chivalry. There are times when i feel like the response times to start sprinting or moving are delayed, and i’m curious if mech keyboards help with that.

    Like i said, interested in the razer blackwidow ult… and that one has cherry mx blue switches, and i’ve tried it out numerous times just the feeling of it, and i love it. But i’m more concerned about gameplay affect. Unfortunately at the store, i can’t hook up my computer and start playing chiv using one of their keyboards, lol.

    Thanks for your response nonetheless, i’m going to have to look into this further. Hopefully i can see some more responses from players using it in game, maybe even some recent switchers.

  • I use a mechanical keyboard, it’s sweet. I feel I can move in a much more effective way than I could before I upgraded.

    Plus it makes this sweet clicking sound when I type!

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