Runaway Ballista

  • Unfortunately, I don’t have any video / picture evidence of the bug; I took a screenshot when it happened, but then my PC had a power surge and I lost the screen.

    Basically, it happened in the Citadel map. At the very beginning of the game, I was on Agatha, and I looked up in the sky ( the section where you’re running towards the wall, the really LONG run ) and I saw something flying in the sky. I stopped to take a longer look, and it was a ballista. Just flying through the air, above the battlefield. Out of reach in the sky.

    When I got to the Citadel wall, one of the ballistas was missing. I ran into the area where it was supposed to be, and it stopped me AS IF the ballista was there– but it was invisible, and no matter where I looked at it from, I couldn’t activate it.

    It just…

    Flew away.

  • It happened to me aswell. This also happened on Stoneshill… Ballista just flew away in the direction of the village O.o

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    I’ve found a glitch a while ago to make the ballista or even a catapult to fly in the air, but the topic was ignored. It doesn’t look like the same glitch that I posted, but I think both could be fixed at the same time.

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