Hellbovine's Bug/Glitch/Suggestion List

  • *** This list has also been attached as a PDF document for easier printing/viewing ***

    From February 21st to March 10th 2013.
    Bugs, Glitches, and Suggestions from personal play experience.

    Hello, I have compiled a list of bugs and glitches that I’ve encountered in my own time. I have not taken anything below from other players, or from the forum. If they are duplicates, I apologize for posting them again, but perhaps its best that they are posted anyway, to show how often they are appearing; in an effort to track them down, and prioritize their need to be fixed.

    [1] In tutorial the scoreboard doesn’t reflect a single player type experience. It shows both teams, and has a game timer playing that infinitely loops around 20 minutes.

    [2] When respawning after a death, the weapon my character is holding seems to randomly change for no reason. For example, if I die wielding the Sword of War, I sometimes respawn wielding my secondary weapon.

    [3] Regardless of my characters weapon load out, I cannot select or place the Pavise with the Archer class. If I select the crossbow and a pavise in my load out, I will spawn with a bow.

    [4] The Steam “Client Updates and Product Updates” sections don’t reflect any of the updates the game has received. It would be nice to have all the patches and content changes placed into one of those sections for easy reference.

    [5] FFA game mode uses a Team game type scoreboard. It still shows Agatha and Mason as separate red/blue scoreboards. Would make more sense to merge them into a single board.

    [6] Possibly FOV related, but there are many times where certain text that appears on the screen from various sources, goes off the edges of the screen. For example, in Duel mode, it says, “Not in duel, press Backslash to enter” and half of it appears cut-off in the left hand side of the screen using 1600x900 resolution and default 95 FOV.

    [7] No ability to host a private game without running a dedicated server. If I select “Create Game” from the main menu, and then after selecting a map and game type, would be nice if I could invite a friend from Steam to play with me. At this time the only way to 1v1 with a friend is making a private dedicated server, or finding an empty server and hoping nobody joins.

    [8] Server Filters forget/reset certain options. If I select “Hide Passworded Servers” it won’t remain selected the next time I go to find a game.

    [9] Suggestion regarding previous bug, having the server list default to sorting by ping would be a nice optimization tweak. I’ve learned over the years, that many gamers don’t even know what ping is, so to expose them by default to lowest ping servers would be good. Plus if the list remembered that I always sort by ping, and saved that preference it would be nice too.

    [10] Server Filters option to hide Modded Servers. I don’t want to accidentally download any unofficial maps or mods. Many of us prefer to play “Stock” only.

    [11] Respawn timer doesn’t always show up at the bottom of the screen. About 50% of the time it’s not there for me. Or will be at “0” but I’m not able to respawn for another 4-5 seconds.

    [12] When you look up at the sky on any map, in the center there is a weird oddity. Like the map is being “pinched.” It’s difficult to explain, but it’s distracting. Perhaps it could be covered up?

    [13] Windows XP users have no sound at all, after the recent “Localization” patch from 03/02/2013. To fix this, we have to search for and delete the file labeled, “Dsound.dll” from the Chivalry folder, then after doing so sound is returned.

    [14] There is a weird “Smudge” on the player interface. Fixed by turning off a combination of “Bloom,” “Depth of Field,” “Ambient Occlusion,” and “Motion Blur.”

    [15] One of the most annoying bugs is that many of the menu settings do not “Stick” after being set. For example, if I turn off “Bloom.” And then save/exit, and come back, it’s still Enabled. Sometimes takes 2-3 attempts before a setting “sticks.” This happens for many of the items in the GUI, such as FOV, Mouse Speed, Graphics Options, etc.

    [16] Scoreboard says to “Press B for Mouse” even though it’s not bound to that key.

    [17] At the end of every game, the camera shows a 3rd person view of yourself, and the character has an odd animation glitch, where basically there are 2 character meshes each in a different animation pose.

    [18] Option to switch crossbow to “Hold to aim down sight” instead of the default, “Toggle to aim down sight.” With its current setup it’s very difficult to perform other actions, like switching weapons to a secondary to defend yourself when charged.

    [19] The GUI for Mouse Speed does not update. If I slide the option down 20 points, it does not update the text to reflect that.

    [20] Suggestion to remove background on chat section. If the background was completely transparent it would look a little nicer.

    [21] Force server names to adhere to a set character limit. Many of the servers’ names are unreadable because they are way too long.

    [22] Place a lower limit on total players in a server. They become very laggy on anything nearing 30+ players. Even on very high end hardware.

    [23] Not sure if it’s a speed hack, or a glitch. But there are players that can attack faster with the slow Vangaurd weapons, than even a man at arms or archer with a fast knife or secondary.

    [24] Some servers list the map “Arena” as that, or “Arena3” what is the difference? Also, the number should be removed from the map name, even if that is the correct title, because it isn’t congruent with the rest of the map titles. Same thing with “Throneroomxl” the xl should be removed. Also none of them seem to be capitalized; there are a few inconsistencies like that throughout the game, GUI, and server browser.

    [25] Slight Mouse lag in the main menus. Even with “Mouse Smoothing” off, vertical sync off.

    [26] With “Ambient Occlusion” enabled, there is a single line of horizontal white pixels going across the bottom of the screen. Latest official drivers on an Nvidia GTX 580.

    [27] Some key binds have errors when deleted. They show “Invalid” in the 2nd column.

    [28] Key bind GUI is glitchy. If I click somewhere in column 1, it does not highlight that same section in column 2. Also, sometimes column 1 won’t update unless I click it 2 or 3 times. The overlay for the menu GUI just seems “off” overall.

    [29] In-game Tutorial text and instructions do not correlate properly to custom key binds.

    [30] If you delete the key bind for the game menu, and then save and return to game, you can get stuck in that game with no option to exit. You have to use the console and exit through there. Should provide an error box saying, “Game menu key must be bound” or something similar.

    [31] Many game settings do not take effect until the game is exited to the desktop and reloaded. Although this is common for many games, Chivalry provides no notification of that information.

    [32] Text in the tutorial runs a little fast. I can barely skim over it, before it moves on.

    [33] When bleeding and screen is flashing red (low health) fps drops by about 30 percent.

    [34] Tutorial subtitle text does not reflect what many of the characters are speaking. It’s worded differently.

    [35] If you increase the “Ragdoll” slider to a high amount, like 255, and then kill someone. They body freaks out and starts to basically, “ragdoll” off of itself, and shakes violently like it’s having a seizure, and the game fps drops dramatically until the effect wears off.

    [36] Unsure specifically which setting causes it, but again, the 4 most common perpetrators, “Bloom, Motion Blur, Ambient Occlusion, and Depth of Field” cause the Oil Pot fire to not show on the screen. I can throw a pot at the ground, and no fire displays on screen.

    [37] Achievement, “A warrior is made not born,” “It gets easier,” and “it was him or me,” not unlocked for successfully completing tutorial without dying, or exiting, and finished all sections of the tutorial.

    [38] Achievement, “Sands of time” not updating on steam correctly. Says I have only 118 minutes toward achievement, although I’ve actually played for about 40 hours online.

    [39] Achievement, “Fire Starter” not updating. Easily killed over 20 players with fire, but shows 0 in the achievement.

    [40] Achievements. Can’t say with proof, but after looking over many of the other achievements, a lot of them just simply don’t appear to be updating properly. Some of them are extremely low and should be much higher, without a doubt.

    [41] If you select “Create Game” from the main menu, after setting everything up and once inside the match. If you press “Esc” to open the menu again, and try to change maps, there is no picture in the square placeholder. It’s empty and transparent.

    [42] There is an option to select a “game type” for the maps within the “Create Game” section, but if you click the arrows, it doesn’t switch between any other choices.

    [43] The team scores can sometimes be too large and don’t fit properly in the scoreboard.

    [44] There is a glitch during voting, sometimes it will display a crazy number like “5,132,423,455% voted.”

    [45] Server browser begins to refresh immediately after selecting a filter. If you select/change a few filters back-to-back, it can easily flood your router, and then the browser bugs out, showing a limited amount of servers to choose from. The only way to fix it is to unplug router.

    [46] Odd key shows up in the key bind menu. It says, “?Int?AOCKeybinds.u” and is truncated.

    [47] Framerate drops incrementally, the more players there are in a server. This is normal for most games under certain circumstances, like if you have many players in front of you on your screen doing things. But in a large server, you can go sit in a corner and stare at the wall, and the framerate suffers greatly as more players join. In other games and game engines, it usually does not have this effect, or at least not to this degree, under this circumstance. To show how much the framerate suffered, I tested this out with a 200 framerate limit. In a game of 12 players I can easily maintain that limit. However as each player after that joins, it begins to drop, at 30 players, I’m down to 50 frames on average.

    [48] Shield blocking “Hitboxes” seem much larger than the actual shield. If I shoot an arrow or throw a tomahawk, I can watch it hit a knight’s leg, but it will play a shield block sound, and have it do no damage. This happens in many hit locations for characters wielding shields.

    [49] Maybe this is intentional, but even if using piercing arrows, if you shoot a knight with a perfectly placed headshot, it sometimes “glances” off and does no damage.

    [50] Some weapons, like the Pole Ax, and quarterstaff show “Reach 0.”

    Official Windows XP SP3, Fresh Install, Latest Windows Updates
    No Firewall or Antivirus Running or Installed
    Latest Official Non-Beta Drivers for All Devices
    No Miscellaneous or Optional Software Installed (iTunes, Xfire, Etc.)
    Intel i5-760 CPU, MSI GTX 580, 2GB RAM, VelociRaptor 10K RPM HDD
    Properly Defragged, Optimized, and customized for Gaming Only.

    I decided to take the time to jot each of these down, because I’ve been reading about Torn Banner as a new and upcoming studio, and I took an immediate interest after reading from several sources that the developers are, “Investing in the fans.” This business model is important to me; one of the things missing from many games and studios these days is their desire to make a great game, instead of pushing something out that is mediocre, for the sake of making money. Yes, I’m looking at you EA Games. As we gamers know, they are notorious for buying out the best titles, and then making extremely buggy games with poor support. On the other hand, whether you like their games or not, there are studio’s like Blizzard, who started out small, just like Torn Banner. Their motto too, was “Support the people” and it has paid off tremendously. They are among the top companies, and put out a multitude of patches and content updates for free. And it pays off, many gamers stick by them simply because of this.

    If Torn Banners sticks to their guns and doesn’t fall into the same evil ways that many of the other studios go, than I believe they have the potential to be the next Blizzard. So far I am impressed at the dedication, and community support offered. As such, I decided to pitch in and try to help out in one of the few ways we gamers can; through positive reinforcement and constructive criticism, in an effort to help improve the game further.

    I often go by the handle, “Hellbovine” which you may recognize as the mad cows from Diablo II. I have been playing games for 20 years, and I would refer to myself as a “Hardcore” gamer. I game almost exclusively on PC; consoles are just dumbed down alternatives in my opinion. There are things you can do on a mouse and keyboard, that simply can’t be done on a gamepad or controller. It increases the variance in player play styles and abilities, and creates a wider distribution of player skill, making things more exciting in the multiplayer world.

    My PC is custom built, and I have tweaked windows to the extreme. I’ve researched for years on what settings in-game affect performance, how to optimize everything, and create a setup that is perfectly suited to my personal tastes. I am not a computer science major, nor do I have any tech certifications, but I’ve put a stupid amount of time into reading, researching, testing, and benchmarking various things over the years. I am very familiar with Windows, and the popular game engines.

  • Overall, great foundation here. It still lacks general polish, but I really like where the game is, and where it’s headed. Also being priced modestly is a huge plus. I’ve already recommended the game to several people, and they have picked it up as well.

    I appreciate the studio’s attitude toward the community and their product. As a long time PC gamer, I think you guys have a great future.

    I look forward to seeing what you guys have coming down the pipeline for this game. Personally I would prefer general server, client, and game optimizations, to help things run smoother. Many players I’ve noticed are having difficulty maintaining a decent framerate. The unreal engine is great for working on that, so it hopefully won’t be too much of an issue as time goes on for the framerates to be improved on.

    Aside from that, overall game polish, especially with the menus, server browser, and scoreboard. They are a little “dated” and don’t quite feel up to par with modern games.

    Don’t get me wrong though, great game so far. Has a tremendous amount of potential. I’m not complaining, just trying to give constructive criticism. I wouldn’t have put this much work into this post, if I wasn’t having fun playing the game.

    Keep up the awesome work guys.

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