All of my settings are being reset to default on launch.

  • So recently Chivalry has become unplayable for me due to the game deciding it wants to reset my settings to default every time I launch the game.

    This means any configs I stick in my "My Games/Chivalry Medieval Warfare/UDKGame/ get reset every time I launch the game, making the game completely unenjoyable due to the excessive and ugly bloom and motion blur that drain my FPS to 30 (whereas it would normally be 60).

    I have no idea what caused it.

    If you set the INI’s you don’t want changed to “read-only” the game won’t be able to reset them to default. So I guess I found a temp. fix, but hopefully someone knows why this is happening to me.

  • I don’t know yet if it is happening to me every time, but Chivalry just decided to reset my setting too. I tried to play an found my framerate was terrible…turns out all my video settings were set up high. My whole config has been reset or overwritten…key bindings, everything. Awesome.

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