Speedhacker report

  • Hi,
    I was playing on this server:
    [FR] Morte Couille ! Only Duel

    And this player was using a speedhack with a MAA:
    [Beat It]

    He could hit me 3 times during one of my guard. It happens today approximately at 22:25 (French’s hour). Little detail, look at his last nicknames: speedhacker. I think he used this nickname to troll with his speedhack.

    Thank you and sorry for my english.

    Edit: And i think that this is his secondary account:
    He used the nickname speedhacker too.

  • we should spam him with messages just to fuck with him. 8-)

  • Reporting speedhackers is not of any importance to TBS is seems.

    There is supposedly a “mod group” where you can get “real-time assistance”, but there’s no one ever in the chat of the group.

    I even contacted them via’ PM, and I received an answer that mod has to be there to see if the guy is actually hacking, that’s funny because I even provided a video with CLEAN proof. And I don’t see “real-time assistance” actually happening because as I said, there’s NO ONE IN THE CHAT, EVER.

    So don’t bother, people who should take care of this, are hopeless and completely unprofessional.
    Also, the guy would only get a ban from Official servers.

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