Fun mod idea for chiv.

  • So long time ago i played this halflife mod called vampire slayers.

    It was a really fun mod at the time, had some compelling game mechanics and with a decent balance overall. I think this could be one of the first Fantasy spiced up mod additions to chiv!.

    So mason vamps vs agatian vampire slayers. For mason they have vamp classes, and instead of weapons they could have various perks. In the vsmod game, to kill a vampire you need him to loose all his health, and run up and stab him in the heart with a steak(or other wooden object), otherwise he just wakes up and possibly oneshots you or leaps away to safety to find a corpse to munch on and regenerate his health. Vamps melee where 1-2 shots mostly, but then they had no ranged support like archers/crossbows and in vamp guns and shotguns and the like. But then again they had no shields. So i think a good balance could be argued. The balance in vsmod was pretty good depending on maps and objectives ofcourse. Vamps where naturally pretty fast, and had the leap ability to “speedhack” to some extent, but not indefinitely. You would use it either to go for a quick kill, or get the fuck out and find a corpse to feed on.

    For agathian, apart from there normal weapons, they would get a wooden object of some kind to ram it into a vamps heart when it has been subdued and is unconscious. Sprinkle in some various anti vampire attire and perhaps a priest healer class, just a thought. I could go on but i feel this should be enough to peak some interest, checkout the mod on the site.

    edit: just had a funny picture in my head, if an agathia player has died been dismemberd and had his head cut off, the priest would res him, and all the bodyparts would fall back into order, kind of like a reverse dismemberment. Made me laugh =).

    “Ah im alive again praise to you priest, and you seem to have put me back together in mostly the same fashion, well done sir, i mean your lordship”

    Someone more attuned to the medieval speak could probably think up some better funny lines :)

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