The Nine Worthies | 9w | Recruiting new members

  • I’m the founder and creator of The Nine Worthies (9w) which you can find more information on the A North American (Toronto) based guild / clan.

    I’ve had plans to create a fun and welcoming environment with weekly tournaments but with work and side projects, I haven’t had the time to put this together. I aim to award community members with medals and the likes for helping or winning tournaments / being helpful / random luck.

    These medals will be able to used to trade for free steam games. Tournament winners also have the chance to win steam games and such.

    Good communication, maturity, leadership and able to build a good community is above the skill of the player. Someone that is helpful towards the community and help others become better players or help administrate our two servers or run tournaments, would be preferred over a skilled player. We are of course also looking for skilled players as well.

    Our Mission:

    To provide a safe and harassment free environment to become the perfect chivalrous warrior.
    To build a supportive and learning community to advance the art of Chivalry.

    So if you have experience running a guild / tournaments and loves the game Chivalry, do send me an email at or reply to this post! Or come visit us on our servers and play with us:

    18 player LTS - TO - CTF [server:peeipxxf][/server:peeipxxf] or
    8 player dueling only - [server:peeipxxf][/server:peeipxxf]

    Thanks for the interest and I wish to see you all on the battlefield.

  • Good luck!

    If you have enough members and are ever up for a scrim, just let me know. Feel free to add me on Steam if you so desire:

  • Thanks for the reply. Hope to see you on the battlefield.

    9w is quite small right now. It consists of basically me and I have lots to improve upon. Once I get this clan up and running, it would be great to have a scrim or two.


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