Which new weapons are worthy?

  • Of the 5 new weapons added to the game from the last patch, which ones do you think were actually worthy editions/actually have some place value in Chivalry.

    For me, the pole hammer and the sling.
    The pole hammer because it gives the Vanguard an actual blunt weapon. And it’s nice to see a pole arm that’s not another spear or slasher/pole ax.
    The sling because it’s such a different tool compared to the bows, crossbows, and javs. Plus, it actually works well (with good aim, of course).

  • flails need some work.

    the sling is neat but archers are still useless. polehammer is pretty fun but i dont use it too much.

  • Sling is the greatest weapon in Chivalry. Period.

  • The sling is good. In the way that it makes the archer get closer in on you, and therefore easier to kill:D

  • @sir_beavis:

    but archers are still useless.


    I don’t really like any of them personally. I would love the flail if it was more consistent and came with a heater shield, but I’m just awful with the pole hammer. Its recovery is way too long for me to really enjoy it, coupled with its slow speed and mediocre reach I just can’t seem to make it fit in with my style of play. It’s very easy to punish even the slightest opening with it.

    Also in the sling’s description it says the longer you have it whirling, the more damage it does. Is that really true?

  • Everytime I see someone using any of the new 5 weapons I assume that person is a noob (sorry) but they’re weapons few people use after the first try, the Quarterstaff and Sling seem to have no use at all.

    The patch itself felt rushed much like the game, when the game took off in a big way everyone at TB jumped up and started working frantically to get new content out, said new content feels untested, but that’s how it feels to me.

    But that’s my opinion <3

  • To me none of the new weapons are worthy. Why use the sling when I can use the short bow with more shots ( unless using pebbles) and twice the Dmg, why use the flailwhen I can use the one handed knight hammer that does more Dmg and is faster, why use the quarter staff when I can use any of the other Maa weapons that do way more Dmg for the speed, why use polehammer when I can use the halbard even though it got nerfed I still find it more useful because of its strong stab and longer reach. :?

  • i only sometimes use the flail/heavy flail to crush some skulls ( evil laugh) but that’s it.
    The ‘old’ weapons are better.

  • Polehammer is the only worthy weapon in my opinion. While it’s not quite up to par with the Vangaurd’s other Polearms, it’s around how they SHOULD be.

    Fling makes me feel sorry for the Archers using them. For some reason they seem even more helpless than the other Archers that won’t switch to melee.

    Quarterstaff is a joke weapon, and I only use it when I want to use Thrusting Dagger as my main weapon and need a secondary to explode heads. Otherwise I’d be using one of the swords with the Cudgel instead.

    Ignoring how bad Flails are in general, they require you to use Buckler which means you can’t guard any attacks at all.

    Actually I forgot something.

    CTF Flag #1 best weapon in the game forever and most worthy of the new weapons.

  • @DemonicChocobo:

    CTF Flag #1 best weapon in the game forever and most worthy of the new weapons.

    Flags are indeed the best weapons released in CU#1.

  • @DemonicChocobo:

    CTF Flag #1 best weapon in the game forever and most worthy of the new weapons.

    lol I totally forgot about the almighty flag. :D

  • Quarterstaff is a gimmick joke weapon.

    Sling is like shooting a bugged, weaker version of the shortbow.

    Polehammer you can still do well with and is fun to use.

    Flails are shit. For a weapon that is described as “The fastest of the Knight weapons” they really don’t feel like it at all.

  • I’m using and liking the heavy flail, my self. Mostly because it looks cool when I swing it. And I’m not doing too bad with it either, although I’m not getting near as good KDR as when I use the warhammer. But apparently that’s a noob weapon now, I can’t really use it without being yelled at :/

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