New Secondary…

  • A idea I came across for a Secondary weapon in Chivalry: War Sickle, Yes They did use Sickles for fighting.
    They were German or Swiss and were made for piercing armour. And is nothing like any other secondary already implemented (expecting it be a secondary) so it is original as well

    The image of it is below, It was obviously sharper when in use, but this is obviously old and blunted.

    -In all honesty I doubt this to be added but still, tell me what you think.

  • It looks a ton like a shorthandled Billhook in how it would feel in hand. I’m not quite certain of what to make of this, seeing as how the OP hasn’t clarified if the sickle should be a comparably longranged melee weapon of sorts (with the handle and all) or if it is ment to fill some niche among all the other short-but-quick secondaries.

  • It doesn’t matter immensely, if it look rather similar to the Billihook, as it is very different in combat and play style and is slightly longer than a dagger where as the Billihook is around 5-6 feet.

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