Friendly Parry Count against Team Attack

  • This is an out there idea I’ve had for a while.
    High team damage can indicate intentional TKing but it can also indicate carelessness and mistakes. I would imagine that we are all more forgiving of someone with bad luck or poor skill than someone intentionally trying to ruin the game.

    There is a more reliable indicator of intent than team damage.
    When someone is intentionally trying to TK I think that counting the number of parries by a friendly in a short space of time would make it very obvious what their intentions are. In order to parry someone you usually have to expect them to attack you. If it happens several times in a row then there is no way they are not attacking you on purpose.

    After perhaps 3 friendly parries within 20 seconds on the same person I envisage a HUGE warning in the middle of the screen that you are attacking the wrong team followed by a voice clip of for example:
    MAA “You blithering buffoon! We are brothers in arms!”
    Knight “Stay your hand cretin!”

    I think it is fair to say that many of us have to our shame been a bit confused as to what side we were on at some point late at night and some allowance should be made. However if after the warning there were 2 more friendly parries the TKer should be automatically executed as a traitor. The stat would show up next to team damage on votekick and the required % to vote should be less as a result.

    This is a sweeping generalisation but I suspect that the average intentional TKer is bored because they aren’t very good at the game. This means that it would be simple for slightly experienced players to turtle enough to parry 5 times. At least when they fix parry to pre patch state anyway.

    I don’t see a lot of trolling potential for this given that any friendly trying to block all of the swings you are aiming at an enemy is definitely going to get killed.

    Also TKs should show up on the scoreboard next to kills and deaths. I would like to know how well I’ve done in a round and that is a major part of it.

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