Who has been playing War Thunder (free MMO)

  • Heyy guys, i have been playing War Thunder an awesome WW2 plane game,
    what level are your countries?
    what is your favourite plane?
    what is one of your experience?

    for me USSR is rank 3, america is rank 4, japan is half way to rank 5’

    the american catalina (flying bombing boat)

    when i first started with the japanese people, i was completely owning with my reserve plane, it was extremely difficult giving it up, because it has put me on top of the leaderboard so many time, like one time i ravaged 4 planes within 3 minutes, until the people i killed came back together and got be while i was tailing a bomber.
    another time when i was on my last life in the reserve plane, this was the last time i used it and also the best time, this life when i was using the plane i destroyed 6 planes and got 2 assists, it was on Stalingrad and i was extremely proud of myself, by the way it was me and 1 ally with 2 planes verse half of the enemy team with an extra plane here and there from their side. so very happy with myself.

    The catalina with wheels my favourite plane because it has 16 bombs and is very hard to shoot down, so i stay up at 3000 altitude and just bomb lines of medium tanks, AA emplacements and armoured cars i got 20 ground kills and my gunners killed 1 plane that battle i got the most experience out of all my battles.

    i am very interested in reading what you guys have done with this awesome game (WAR THUNDER)


  • Not me! But I’ve seen people who have been.

  • The game is remarkably awesome for being a free mmo… lol
    the rest are=0
    Airacobra is my favorite fighter

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