Veteran armor /Veteran Clothes

  • You know Steve Piggott. Said that chivalry lacked customization. Now I don’t want to get into extreme customization. I just suggest something other than regular armor. Something like this

    But I would like to suggest this armor to only be used by ranks 30 and up. So it really shows that their a bad@ss.

  • Nay! Men wear no Armour!

  • @Riuuii:

    Nay! Men wear no Armour!

    That is why the “MAN” at arms die.

  • I vote yes. Of course. The more customisation, the merrier. And the devs have said they want more of that, no? Anyways, being able to gain flashy armour for your different classes would be nice. I dunno what one should do about helmets, though. I want more of them too, but how are we suppose to earn them and keep the special helmets for reaching veteran achievement unique? Adding more achievements, like Master and such, and have helmets for that?

    When it comes to earning armour though, it could be from gaining a certain amount of kills or points with a certain class or weapon type. Like X many bow kills will give you a nice ranger-looking armour for the archer, X many kills with the Norse sword and Dane axe and all viking weaponry will give you some nice viking-esque outfits.

    So anyways, whether we’d gain new armour for being veterans or just getting a nice customization option at the start when we get a new content update, I’d love for a few variations of the same armour we have. Since I mainly play Mason (FOR THE RED AND BLACK!) and a Knight, I’m of course biased to those fellas. Sure, when you reach a Veteran status (other than the one that gives you a new helmet) you could get a suit of armour with lots of ornaments and gold, or something. Maybe even a cape if you’re a knight. But up until that, you should get a few pieces of armour to chose from at the start, that are just variations of already existing standard armour.

    So, this is the original Mason Knight: … KNight.jpg

    Two variations that I made, based on that concept art, could look like this: … 5ybwnb.jpg

    Or even more simple, like this: … 5y39jw.jpg

    You see the latter variation is pretty much pure-viking. I like vikings, but people might have a problem with that. The first variation, though, is a bit more similar to the original knight. He’s still viking though, inspired by the Varangian Guard (vikings who served as elite bodyguards to Byzantine emperors in Constantinople.)

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