Mouse lag help? (Have searched forums)

  • Hi all - I am currently having issues with mouse lag, both in the menu screen and ingame. I have searched (both the forums, and Google!), but I am still having problems. First things first, here are my PC specs.

    i5 3570k
    8gb ram
    asus p8 z77-v lx2 motherboard
    Saitek GM-3200 (WIRED) mouse
    NO GPU!
    Windows 7 Ultimate

    First things first, please do not simply write ‘get a GPU’, to try and fob this issue off as this, there are plenty of people playing on PC’s with worse specs than this, so I really fail to see how this could be an issue :(

    Below is a list of what I have tried….

    updating all drivers (all were up to date)
    Turning V sync off (ingame)
    brought the resolution right down to 320 x 200 (then maximised, so I can see what I’m doing!)
    turned all ingame settings to low/false
    Changing the ViewAccel_… settings in UDKInput.ini to 0
    Set the MaxSmoothedFrameRate to 120, and also tried 59.9 (both recommended somewhere)
    Enhance pointer precision (windows setting) is OFF

    as I don’t have a GPU, I can’t find a way to lower pre-rendered frames. Am I being a moron here and missing something?

    All help would be hugely appreciated! Thanks for your time everybody!

  • Wireless Mouse?

    I used one for a while and hated the damn thing while playing games…. I went out and bought a more reliable USB wired mouse. Wireless mice I find have a slight delay in panning view and trying to aim accurately was utter crap.

    Or did I miss something?

  • you missed something - where I post my specs I say that I have a wired mouse ;)

  • Wait… The integrated graphics is able to play this game!? I’d say your lucky enough right there. I can’t imagine how. That Hd 4000 is half of what the minimum spec requires. What other games do you play?

  • I’d love to know what your framerates are. Bring up the console ingame and type
    stat fps

    Only thing I can think of to try is making sure Mouse Acceleration is turned off in your Windows Control Panel.

    Then get a dedicated graphics card. No, seriously, borrow one if you have to - just to prove me wrong. I’ll bet you a free swing with a bardiche that your mouse problem suddenly goes away.
    Minimum GPU: … GT&id=1279

  • @sirtmas:

    you missed something - where I post my specs I say that I have a wired mouse ;)

    Ah, my bad…. I was skimming through quickly while on my phone.

    Yeah as others have said, if you’re using On Board Graphics, don’t expect things to run very smoothly… before I got my GTX 660 Ti Twin Frozr III, I only had a piddly GeForce 210 and while I got the game to load up, the FPS’s and smoothness of the game was so bad that during the training mission I couldn’t hit the Bot for crap and thus, completely unplayable.

    Got my video card a few days later and everything was a hell of a lot better.

    If you have no GPU… that’s your problem right there.

    Check out this site:

    ^ Select the game you want to know if you can run, the site will install a Java thing (don’t worry, it’s safe, just un-check anything asking for tool bar installations from Java if you are installing for the first time) and will give you a report on how well your system can run a specific game, ie: where your weak spots are and what fails minimum / recommended specs.

    The Java is used to scan your system via the web site so it can tally up your rig against what is needed to run whatever you select.

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