Please add a charge cancel RMB

  • I’ve been playing vanguard lately and it is driving me nuts that the ONLY way to cancel a charge is to stop running.

    If you keep running and use other attacks - sure they are not sprint attacks BUT as soon as you do a LMB BOOM you are doing a big leap which throws you off balance and leaves you wide open to attacks.

    This is only going to get worse now the left shift will keep you sprinting.

    I don’t want to stop running and I dont want to charge.

    Simple fix would be to allow the parry/cancel RMB to cancel the charge without stopping sprinting.

    I cant count the number of times I have charged when I did not want to.

    Personally I would flip a setting to turn it off permanently. Charge really takes the fun out of the vanguard.

  • I´ve playing vanguard too lately and I have only one thing to say:

    Remove the fuckin´ charge!

    It´s not really usefull and it´s ruining FFAs and duels. The worst thing is you cannot interrupt the charge right after the opponent began to charging…

  • A better fix would be to just separate sprint attack from LMB and then give it its own keybinding.

  • I find it funny when a guy comes to attack me, he/she does a stab or overhead but they are still sprinting so when they go to lmb attack me that do a random lung and go way off so it gives me a perfect time to attack and kill the guy. Makes me laugh almost every time. :lolz:

  • I agree. Secondary weapons for vanguard are completely useless because of the charge (I never even use it for my primary weapon either, since the majority of times an overhead swing or a stab is much more useful than the LMB).

  • You are doing it wrong, besides, could just do an LMB, stab or overhead or stop sprint 0.1 sec before.

    Charge is good to have when used right, as in, not charging someone head on making it obvious but even then you can mouse drag nicely. Besides it is nice when flanking someone to do a a charge attack.

    Doing it wrong, yeah, the end.

    Besides, feint spamming charge next? lol It is a penalty there for a reason and most players don’t have issues with this except maybe new players.


    Didn’t see it in the patch notes but thats awesome.

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