Let's talk about the bearded axe

  • Remember that pathetic little excuse for a weapon, the bearded axe, pre-patch? How much is sucked and how it got buffed in the update? Well now it is ridiculous how overpowered it is. It can two shot any class with its overhead, which is an extremely fast attack. It attacks so fast and is so susceptible to mouse dragging that its overhead is like lightning. Went 0-3 against a rank 10 who was using the bearded axe, when I am a rank 34 and destroyed him every other weapon he used.

    Here is an example of what I mean


    Granted, this is combo feinting, but it shows what I mean. Even when a player is not counter attacking or combo feinting, and simply mousedragging, is it impossible to block this weapon.

    What are the community’s thoughts?

  • Um hackers?

    Remind me what combo feinting is.

  • @gregcau:

    Um hackers?

    Remind me what combo feinting is.

    it’s when you go into a combo, except feint and hit again because the original windup is faster than the combo windup

    and yeah Beard is probably a little OP
    it’s faster than most of the one handed primaries for pete’s sake
    I don’t think that’s right

  • I was aware that is was pretty good now with the new patch, but I’d like to save my judgement before calling it out as broken tier.

    I’m stuck at work but if we could get a comparison from the spreadsheet data values, that would be a good start.

  • When balancing stuff it’s easier to nerf it to make it right than to buff it to make it right. When you have an underpowered weapon you have to start by making it a bit OP so people start using it and then nerf it to the right level. If you start by buffing is slightly people won’t notice till it’s way too good.

  • The bearded axe is extremely good against the MMA. But against te bigger classes it isn’t. An an MMA can still over power a knight with a bearded axe.

    Its a sneaky weapon. Design so you can come up behind someone or support others in a fight. And it gives a better chance of survival against an MMA one on one.

    And the video was a hacker or lagged of some sort. That was some m&b shit right there. I used the bearded axe for a while bu th pole axe is superior. And anyway in that video he killed an archer in two hits which most one handers can do. And he took away jus I’ve a quarter of your health as king with a headshot.

    And the bearded axe can only two shot overhead a knight it its two head shots. Otherwise its three.

  • thanks for using my video, and btw i feel like a noob now that i posted it.

    I believe that EVEN WITH the combo-feinting. Just because someone can combo feint it, doesn’t mean they will do it well. You still have to know the range in which to start which can be tricky, and actually getting them to hit is harder than you’d think. You still need to possess a decent amount of skill to combo feint this weapon and be effective and be able to aim while being coordinated enough to not miss the timing on the combo feint. Therefore even with combo-feinted weapons… oh well i still don’t think they are that bad to deal with. Although i was having a tough time that day, mostly because of who was weilding those beards ;)

  • Bearded axe is utterly broken lol and the most overpowered weapon in the game at the moment if you know how to abuse it right (perfect combofeint overheads + accelerating),i can get two overheads on an enemy in ~0.6-7 seconds consistently wich is faster then two dagger stabs i think.

    It’s like cheating so dont use it lol, most players dont even know about this but i think the weapon is getting fixed in the next patch

    also lol’d at the guy calling the poleaxe better then the bearded axe, clearly never seen someone who abuses the shit out of it

  • that’s assuming the player on the other end isn’t moving or parrying, etc…

  • @clayton-bigsby:

    that’s assuming the player on the other end isn’t moving or parrying, etc…

    you can do that to moving players easily

  • Yes, that’s perfectly normal abuse of the Bearded Axe.

  • @clayton-bigsby:

    that’s assuming the player on the other end isn’t moving or parrying, etc…

    Anyone that wants to abuse the combo-feint nonsense can easily just macro the commands up in Autohotkey or some other macro software and be able able to execute the attacks themselves at the push of a button. Aiming it would be just as easy as aiming any other attack.

    The fact of the matter with the combo-feinting is that if an attack type can already be combo’ed, which two overheads can be, there is no reason you should be able to speed it up and make it faster. Two combo’ed overheads with the combo windups included should be the fastest way to string two attacks together. Exploiting the mechanics of feint should not let you attack faster.

  • I know I only hit submit once. I’m a forum noob, how do I get rid of that post?

  • That’s perfectly normal abuse of the Bearded Axe. :)

  • Combofeinting to throw out faster attacks is pretty BS. And it’s not hard to do at all. With overhead on LMB (join the cool kid’s club already, overheads are where it’s at), all you do is lmb, then at end of release lmb>rmb>lmb (you just have to be careful to feint at start of combo, not end of release, or else the feint won’t go - so stagger your clicks a bit).

    Overall, the bearded axe isn’t particularly versatile (all you can really do is get in their face and take advantage of your insane speed), but it’s far too powerful in the one way it can be used. It should not be that fast. It just needs to be the fastest 2h axe, not among the fastest weapons in the game. .45s slash, .5s overhead, and .55 stab would be pretty good if the alt anims are truly fixed as the next patch’s notes suggest.

  • What speed playin in this server? You cant* says something is totaly Op when u are playin on a 200% speed server…

  • @Lord:

    What speed playin in this server? You cant* says something is totaly Op when u are playin on a 200% speed server…


  • @Lord:

    What speed playin in this server? You cant* says something is totaly Op when u are playin on a 200% speed server…

    normal speed, lol

  • Seen some people do well with the Beard, just like most other weapons. I don’t see it played with any more than anything else.

    Beards windup times are short as hell, which is where the majority of its strength comes from I think. I’m pretty sure it’s the fastest 2H weapon you can play as the Knight right now (single strikes). Range kind of sucks though, and it’s easy to be baited in the heat of combat.

    Whenever I try to play with the Beard, I don’t much care for it. It’s a two attack weapon with low range and pitiful combos. You can sort of negate the combo issue with feints, but it’s eating into your stamina where other Knight weapons wouldn’t have to.

    Sort of a “one trick pony” weapon in my opinion. It puts a lot of its eggs in a single basket.

  • dont change bearded axe please. it’s the strongest 2hand for knights right now and i love combo feinting overhead. it’s such a huge skill based move i love doing. i love it when people tell me im really good with bearded axe. no one can beat me when i use it. i want to use it in tournaments to give me bigger edge. so please dont change anything. i dont care if its too strong. i like using strong weapons.

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