Shield Embedment.

  • I thought up a small idea, that is if an enemy stabs with a weapon you can Shield Bash the enemy’s weapon Embedding it into the Shield where it will be stuck for a certain amount of time (perhaps as long as you’re stunned for when kicked while holding Shield) and you can freely take a free hit on the Enemy, I think it should only work on wooden shields such as the Buckler, it would also make the Buckler a more useful item. In my opinion it’s not Overpowered, as it’s the equivalent of a Shield Stun and you need to predict what attack they are going to launch as it wouldn’t work if they attacked with a Overhead of Slash, due to the leather rim around the Buckler.

    -This did actually happen in Battles.

    Just an idea, Please tell me what you think.

  • And when that happened the guy let go of his weapon and ran the other way untill he poked up something else.

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