A Thank You to Devs thread from a long-time AoC Fan

  • I’d like to thank all the developers for making such an awesome game :mrgreen: . I’ve been a fan of AoC for quite a while and I have to say this is definitely one of my top 5 favorite online game of all time. Yes it has its flaws but it doesn’t stop me from playing it because of its uniqueness which I can’t find in any other game. I’m sure you will fix it all before the next game is released anyway. I’m excited that you guys/girls are working really hard to make this new game and you really are going all hardcore on this to add even more features and make this more exceptional. I’m confident that you will gain a tremendous amount of new fans when you release the Battle for Agatha. And us fans just can’t wait to get our hands on this EPIC GAME. Great job Devs and I will definitely be reading these forums and enjoy reading all the new and astonishing features that you guys have in store.

    PS: I have to add this part because the Knight is MY FAVORITE CLASS and I really hope you guys keep a lot of the features from the original and most definitely the 360 and flail. :D

  • lol cascade and your flail :p such a special bond between you too

  • Developer

    Appreciate the kind words man! And have no fear the flail is confirmed in the game, it will have some very special abilities as well :D.

  • whoa, i had no idea cascade was so classy. It kinda makes me feel like a dick for not posting something like this myself… uh, I too love the game, but I’m too busy trying to keep the AoC community humming to write love letters to the devs.

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