Multi-Monitor fix?

  • so at least we have unlocked resolutions, but is there anyways i can zoom the camera out thru command console, or maybe ini file, i looked thru a lot of the ini files and im not seeing any camera settings. im using 3 screen in eyefinity(3X 4:3 ratio 17 inch screens at 1280X1024 for a total Res of 3840X1024), and can barley see whats going on around me because its zoomed in so far. i tried the fov command, and it zooms out a tiny bit, but even when i put in rediculess numbers it doesnt change much. it seems the fov is locked close to 90 please someone help me, been waiting for this game for almost 2 years, and it would be a shame if i can never play it.

  • I believe this has also been reported here which is pending investigation. Please follow that thread, thanks.

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