Suggestion for the feint issue

  • Ok, an idea for the feint issue.

    Think about the MAA dodge, it cannot be done while sprinting. Personally I like it when I am not a MAA because it reduces the dodge effectiveness slightly, otherwise they can constantly sprint+dodge very fast towards you (and an objective).

    What if feints were the same way, excellent players would see when someone stops sprinting and would know they were in danger of a feint. But when a player sprints at you you would know that you were in no danger of a feint.

    With the new patch staying in sprint mode will be easier by holding down sprint so there is much more opportunity to keep moving and stay out of range of your opponents weapon. A player that stops sprinting will be at a slightly more disadvantage.

  • Interesting idea but I don´t find it solving anything in the long run. People couldn´t feint while sprinting so what…? If an MAA gets close to you and feints you´re still dead anyways and there´s pretty much nothing you could have done. This is the true problem: Feinting with one-handers

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