• This is my opinion but… man at arm are unbalanced, only reason I think is they can attack to fast while they double tap, so that make hem unattackable or they can parry to fast after movin or attack to fast after they had parried… It is completly retarded, sorry for my words, but any good maa with the hatchet, could whipe out entire team of non-maa just doin doubble tap when the guy hit and there is NO way you can parry back in time or hit him after he parry you cause he can hit you before this is completly broken, I know all MAA will jump out to counter what I say, but I am sure of this, its completly unbalanced, they are hitting way to fast after doubletap, they can combo while double tapin completly non-sence and doubletap cost them not enough stamina so they can spam parry attack and doubletap all the time it is completly stupid a vanguard run out of stamina after 6 to8 attack and they can double tap 5 time and more and parry and hit all this time without running out of stamina, pls balance this it is completly OverPOWER… it is my opinion, and lot of people I know are agree with this( some of them are good MAA player and they KNOW it is completly Overpower) Thx torn banner

  • That’s quite the run-on sentence.

  • holy shit I thought you were exaggerating when you said that

    but there are absolutely no periods used there
    god damn

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