FREE FOR ALL MOD or Objective

  • I think that it could be very nice to have free for all game but with an objective I don’t know a king of hill free for all I know it would be a mess but it would be insane bloody battle gameplay… really… or a selected player (different each time ) would be like a king very strong and other are still in ffa but the objective is to kill him first, to get his power ( be the king ) and etc some match option like this in FFA would be insane, I know some people dont take FFA in serious but there is a LOT of people that are only doin FFA and it is very very fun to play FFA so with some objective or a reason to do so it would be veryyyy insane…
    I am expecting lot of people to complain about my post, but I know a looot of people would like it and it would bring lot more player to chivalry

    Thx yall


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