Blunt Weapon Suggestion

  • I seems ridicule to have a blunt weapon thrust forward and do damage to an armored foe. My suggestion is to replace blunt weapon’s trust with an uppercut. Simple but adds realism to weapon function.

  • I agree that it is very unrealistic doing that but however. This game isn’t aimed to be 100% realistic. But I’m glad it does a very small amount of damage. About your idea. Well I like your idea actually but how about this suggestion? When you execute the new stab attack. It will be almost like a quick jab. Similar to the uppercut by the fists. I hope it is okay to keep the same damage. You know for balance reasons and all.

  • Seems reasonable, i wouldn’t see why not :D

  • Died by thrusting with the maul today and brought me back here… the most that a thrust with a weapon like that would do would be knock the wind out of you.

  • I have been thinking about that lately too. Maybe it would be nice touch if those weapons were much less damaging but caused some rebounding or even attacked at the stamina. It’s really strange to be killed by warhammer stab. Even the maul, if it ever existed in this form, could not be very lethal for armored enemies.

  • Bump :D

  • I don’t think completely redoing all the animations is going to happen this year.

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