Chivalry Plans for PAX East?

  • Hello I will be attending PAX East this year and am looking forward to meeting some of the devs in person :D Are there going to be any events around your booth you can tell us about? Are you going to host any Chivalry pick up tournies in the PC free play area?

    Hopefully the Torn Banner guys will read this and fill me in on some of their plans :D

  • Developer

    Awesome Nick be sure to stop by, we’re booth 268 at the show. Not really any major plans, we will have a row of PC’s at the booth for Team Objective play and then a stand setup for 1v1. A ton of the development team is actually coming in for this event and will be there in Torn Banner shirts so you can come by and chat with us, maybe even get us in a 1v1 match :).

    We aren’t doing anything in the PC free play area but usually sunday afternoons are more slack and we could maybe get a small match going dev’s vs. public or something could be fun. We’ll have to see how it goes though, looking forward to seeing you there!

  • Looking forward to meeting the team! Thanks for the info Tibbs :D

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