Archer Friendly Fire

  • It seems as though archers do not do as much damage when hitting friendlies. This should not be so. If they are going to shoot into the middle of skirmishes with no care, they should be kicked from the server due to friendly fire, or at least do the same damage to friendlies as they do to enemy.

    Archers (or any class) ought to be kicked from their role after a certain amount of friendly fire, because it happens far too often.

    Some sort of system like this could be applied to servers, (IE 10% ff damage makes you banned from a role (archer/vangard/knight, ect). It could be different percentages for specific roles, but it would certainly help to limit the number of teamkills in this game.

  • I read that Team FF is a server setting and most servers have it at 50%. That’s still enough to hurt.
    There are good archers and there are bad archers, but even good archers can have a bad match.
    Having a server decide what’s good or bad friendly fire doesn’t sound better than letting the team decide when they’ve had enough of someone and votekick them. Maybe a solution would be to allow team players votes count more when votekicking? I’ve seen other teams refuse to votekick a TKer because it helps them win the match.
    Personally, I do very few TKs as an archer, but I’m constantly getting killed by knights and vanguards spamming left mouse.

  • That’s what votekick is for.

    An auto kick would be annoying.

    And from a business point of view kicking people who suck from the game isn’t a very good move.

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