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  • Hello everyone
    My name is Gregor and I come from Poland, I wont to write here my suggestions as a real knight.
    I’ll star from saying that Chivalry is my favorite game and i realy like it. In the real life i’ve mastered the bastard sword but I’m still fighting using other types of weapons.

    My suggestions:
    -bastard sword is a 1,5 handed weapon because you can hold it in one hand or two, that mobility is gives the possibility to fist the enemy even when you hold the sword or grab enemy shield. You can also do a lot more using bastard sword but it’s to hard put it in game.
    -Knight in full speed can knocking down enemy to the ground by runing at him.
    -Knight fisting other knight it’s ok but Archer or Man at arms they have leather gloves try to hit the steel wearing leather gloves it will hurt.
    -And for god’s sake bring back the helms deep :D I know it’s not medieval but still is the best map ever

    Sorry for my English but I’m still stock in middle ages :)

  • Woaaaaaah. That video was awesome! Lot of knights throwing punches and kicks, it was brutal, I loved it. Yeah, that’s how medieval battles played out. People hitting the crap out of eachother, since there’s so much armour in the way, there’s not much else you can do. In movies and games, though, you see weapons slicing through that easily.

    Anyways, on topic (since I like the rate you kill people in the game as is), I would like to punch with my shield a lot more. And kick. It’s a bit sad that the kick drains so much stamina. I hope they will work on the kick a lot more, to make it more effective and used a lot more. I also wish you could punch people with the shield but there’s not enough buttons to let you do that. If you have a shield, you can sheild bash, at least. And if you have like the flail, you can punch with the sheild when you press the stab button.

    I, too, would like to be able to tackle people to the ground. But can you imagine how annoyed everyone would be because of that? And how exposed you would be on the ground? I bet loads of people would hate on that idea. But I still think it’s a good one, like if it could be implemented in the Vanguard charge. If you have low stamina and block a charge, you’d fall to the ground. That would be brutal.

    I agree with these archers and MAA running around punching knights to death. It’s really annoying since it’s so fast, constantly interrupting your attacks and it’s unblockable. But I guess people would whine over that idea too, if you were to take damage from punching ironclad foes to death with bare knuckles like that.

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