War cry/ Team commands

  • Hey guys,
    Loving the beta so far! I just had my first match against humans and had a blast!
    I hope its not too late for this suggestion…

    Audio commands for your team mapped to the F-keys.

    I thinking: “Attack”, “Fire at will”, “Fall back”, “Hold the line”, “Flank left/right”, “To me”, “War cry”

    I know you already have the war cry, and don’t get me wrong, I really like it. It looks cool, the player becomes vulnerable which means it can’t be spammed, and the voice acting is solid (apart from the occasional North American accent sneaking in haha).

    But in team games, few people use microphones (including me) so this is a way for those people to organise their team strategy a little better and add to the atmosphere of the game.

    Anyway, just an idea I had after trying the beta out.
    Keep up the good work!

  • Just realised this is already implemented! Swish. Straight over my head :P

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