Idea - Revolutionary War

  • Now don’t beat me up on this because I’m fully aware that this idea involves firearms, but I have a feeling this could work. Using some of the assets already in the game, I see no reason why a Revolutionary War mod couldn’t be possible once the mod tools are out.
    First up, the maps would be wide, open grassy areas with large rocks arranged sporadically for cover, possibly surrounded by trees and bushes to allow for ambush attacks.
    Here are my proposed classes:

    Carrying a choice of musket and a choice of dagger, these are the soldiers in among the front lines. Due to the inaccuracy of their weapons, they would do the most damage when firing in volleys at the enemy. While usually running on crossbow controls, when a button is pressed (Q, probably) a footsoldier would be able to fix a bayonet to his musket and it would become a weapon similar to a spear. After they have fired off a few volleys, footsoldiers could be ordered to charge at the enemy with a similar mechanic as the vanguard charge. All footsoldiers would have vanguard or similar amour levels and carry ten bullets.

    Officers would carry their choice of a saber and a pistol, which would only be somewhat effective at close ranges due to it’s inaccuracy. They would have a high armour, higher than that of the footsoldier but not quite that of the knight. They would have the ability to shout orders to the footsoldiers, and provide a minute healing buff near one. Only one officer would be allowed on a team at a time, perhaps two on a 32v32 game.

    Resting on a high-up grassy knoll, this class would be armed with a highly accurate rifle, binoculars and a hunting sword. The binoculars could be used to scan the area for footsoldiers or cutthroats coming around your allies lines. Rifles would be much more accurate than muskets, used to eliminate key enemy targets from afar, but would have no melee capability and the sharpshooter would be forced to rely on his sword in melee. This class would hold 20 bullets and have extremely low armour.

    Carrying a choice of tomahawk and dirk (Scottish dagger) it would be the cutthroat’s job to get behind enemy lines and break up defenses with stealthy attacks. Receiving instant stealth kills when attacking from behind, cutthroats could cause a distraction to help a charge succeed, or could distract an enemy sharpshooter from an ambush.

    Those are the classes I have in mind now, but I also have other thoughts - mounted weapons like cannons could be a thing. I’m open to suggestions, what do you guys think? :)

  • With Chivalry’s pace this look pretty awesome.

    Imagine yourself in a row of soldier, firing a shot then quickly engaging survived enemy with bayonet on musket

  • That’s the kind of thing I think a mod like this would be great for :)

  • This would be great, but you’d have to incorporate large players numbers ~64+ on large maps if you want to stay true to “Gentlemen Warfare”. Unless you want it to be like a customizable CoD Revolutionary Warfare.

  • Sounds like M&B

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