Wrist buckler or armor gloves

  • i realy love fisting (wait what?) in this game.
    its fun.
    but i hate that you cant block with them.
    how about a new primary for the knight?
    i mean armored gloves like cestus or like small long shield wich cover only your forearm?
    its should be a little bit slower , like that first dagger and about the same damage like normal fisting.
    tere shuld be 3 versions the normal one with 2 small spikes as fast as the first dagger and a little bit stronger the normal fisting.
    the second one should be same damage and same speed just with block.
    and the third one should be about mace speed with like short sword damage.
    please tell me what you thik about it :)

  • I want a huge glove with a cinderblock tied to the end.

    Then maul fist people.

    Or maybe a spear that extends from your hand.

    Or maybe just make it so you can bash people with your face.



  • If fists could block people would be unstoppable. Fists are a very fast weapon that deals out blunt damage.

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