Add keys to look around please

  • id like a function like arma2 where you are allowed to freelook without changing body orientation. i want to run around enemies and watch them so i can find a good time to strike. it’s just awkward to have your head fixed to your body in melee. it’s not a big problem in fps because you dont have to look left and right too much.

  • At first I was like “Well just use your mouse…” but I can see how this would be useful. Could add shield-peeking in the same feature too, make yourself a little more vulnerable in exchange for being to see better around your shield, like the “corner lean” in FPS.

  • You mean like in Arma where you can hold the alt key to look around?

  • Yes, that would be awesome! :D

  • Yeah, a free-look key. Either like in Arma or like in Fallout. It depends if you want it to be realistic or useful. Or you could use both, since in Fallout it’s in third person. In Fallout, you can rotate the camera so that you can see the front of your character. This means you could run away from enemies and look behind you if they are chasing you or how many they are. In Arma, it’s in first person but still the same concept. You can run straight ahead, hold the free-look key and then look in whatever direction (that a head realistically can rotate to) with the mouse while your body moves according to WASD.

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