Port Forwarding

  • Hello, I’m trying to set up my Chivalry server and I’ve forwarded ports 7777-7779 and 27000-27030 on my router (both TCP and UDP) and I am using the default ports to run my server from. I did this a few months back before the update and it worked perfectly fine and I didn’t have much hassle, yet now when I run my server nobody ever joins and when I port check the ports (7777,7778 and 27015) that I assume are still the default ports (I’m thinking they might have changed them in the patch), they are closed. Everything else is working fine and I can access the server myself, but the only thing stopping me is the portforwarding. I have looked up many guides and none of them seemed to help much and all said different things, so I’m giving this a shot. Please give any information you can to help :D

  • I don’t believe the default ports have changed though you should check your command line/PCServer-UDKEngine.ini to double check.

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