Advanced Movements

  • Hilt hit

    When you use the handle of your weapon to hit somebody. If you directly hit them on their helmet, the person you hit’s vision will get shakey and such and they will hear DIIIINNGGGGGG. Cost 25% Stamina


    Can be used for dodging stabs to your pecs+above or peeking at somebody behind a object. Use 2 keys like maybe O and P. O for left P for right. You can also lean forward and back, probaly with K and I. Cost no stamina.


    Makes your character crawl. You can’t: Swing, stab, overhead, or block. But if you have a secondary melee weapon you can stab and swing but lower damage.

  • I hate visual effects that affect my vision, red halos and the like. So no to you first suggestion.

    I like to lean, it is needed in a good fps.

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