Ever play a guy named Stark?

  • He is like a lvl 40, and i cant tell if he is cheating or not, he plays archer and i swear he has some sort of aim assist, if u ever play him let me know what u think

  • Hey… You shouldn’t pollute the forums with assumptions and suspicions of an individual that may be hacking. PM a moderator if you think someone is hacking.


  • Aim bot with a slow travelling arrow? :?

    Do you know how useless that would be??

    At that rank it’s far more realistic that he just know what he’s doing and is a good shot.

    Unless you have some actual evidence or proof that there’s some sort of hack out there that makes arrows fly at moving objects like heat seeking missiles or they’ve got some giant magnet attached to their head, don’t spread accusations.

  • i do agree this post shouldn’t be here. aimbots would not be useless for projectiles if you know how aimbots can work. They don’t always lock onto the target, they can account for lead and drop. Ever played bf3?

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