Vanguard Weapon Ideas: Lance.

  • Since he is the charging class, it makes sense. A long range and heavy weapon, it would behave much like a spear, but it would have some drawbacks and some advantages.

    -Shorter range. Lances were long but not the length of full spear stabs. It would be a little shorter.
    -Increased swing damage. With it’s increased mass, it would have a lot more hitting power behind its swings. Its stabs would be more powerful as well.
    -Slower. The much thicker shaft of the lance would obviously add weight to the weapon.

    I think that this weapon would fit a nice niche for the vanguard, being much more effective against the heavier classes with its high piercing and blunt damage.

    Just an idea.

  • But lances are for mounted soldiers only. :?

  • @Matti:

    But lances are for mounted soldiers only. :?

    I know, but I doubt that mounted combat will ever be added. Also, there are a bunch of weapons that were never really used for combat. The double ax for example was typically only used in executions and was considered impractical for actual combat. And there were actually smaller lances that were used for hand to hand combat. Again, it’s just an idea.

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