More unlocks for tertiary slot

  • More unlocks would be nice, especially for the tertiary “special” slots! Perhaps different kinds of arrow tips, sword grips that do different things, slightly added “light” boots for movement speed…

    Also upgrades to the sling would be great. This thing is challenging and if you get enough troll kills, should be able to unlock something.

    FIST UPGRADES! Should get special abilities unlocked for fist-only.

    Upgrades, upgrades ;D The pure awesomeness of this game keeps us in, but in the future, i’m thinking upgrades

  • idk about this, game needs to be balanced for good reasons, so no one is OP just because of a weapon that has an added benefit, and no one else does. Weapons already get their stats because of the way they are.

  • I agree with more stuff for the tertiary slot, but I dunno about upgrades that make you stronger. Just additional stuff that has different functions, like the smoke pot. It doesn’t make anything on you stronger, it’s just a handy little thing you can use. I never play archer, but I guess you can chose between bodkin arrows and broadhead arrows, and that the both have pros and cons? (realistically, it would be that bodkin arrows does less damage but pierce armour better while broadheads does more damage but won’t pierce armour, but I don’t think armour has a role in Chivalry? Only HP differences between classes?)

  • This would throw too much of a spanner into the works. It would be too difficult and somewhat game breaking if your opponent had slight percentage boosts to certain attributes. Not to mention that it would become a game or trying to tell what sort of boots the enemy has on so you can tell whether or not they have extra +% to an attribute.

    I think we should start out small and make cosmetics or different weapons grips etc. purely aesthetic and non game changing.

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