My first server ever..

  • Hello fellow Meat Sculptors,
    I decided to rent a server from “nitrado” in germany.
    thought there would be a nice and easy browsermenu for the basic game settings like
    -Server Name
    -Map and Gamemode Rotation
    -Duration of matches/win conditions

    well… there isnt.
    the above things are all I(hope I) need to change from default, I guess
    to run a
    -FFA / DUEL server switching between these two modes,
    on all (or not all) maps that are available for it.

    I can find these settings on my own I guess, since I already found out how to change servername.
    but please let me know if there are other settings that should be considered when running a server like the one I intend to have.

    again, this is my first server ever.
    so dont hesitate to state the obvious. (apart from google is your friend)

    thnx alot in advance!

  • I am not really sure what you are on about but my server provider has a nice server tool online so so should your server provider.
    Us serveradmins makes changes in the UDKGame.ini

    these are the most important change categories you can try
    Here you can set the max players on your server. The max spectators, change gore…just browse trough it.

    Here is your server name and welcome message. Welcome message not yet implented i believe.

    [AOC.AOCGame]critical gameplay part
    in this area you can change the map rotation, add or delete maps from your rotation. You can influence the behaviour of votekicks and many more options.
    In this part you will make the most changes so look carefully.

    Make sure you save after editing anything and server changes only take effect when you update your server.

  • If you have any questions with your server feel free to add me.

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