• One armoured knight with a two-hander meets another armoured knight with a two-hander. They both know that their plate armour is virtually immune to sword slashes, so they both resort to the half-sword technique. Since battle in Chivalry has nowhere near the body contact of real sword fights between armoured opponents, which look a lot more like boxing and wrestling, I’m not suggesting the half-sword technique to be implemented 100% realistically.

    Half-sword is when you grab your sword at the middle of the blade with your left hand, either that part is not sharpen or you’re wearing an armored glove anyway, and then you use the sword and that extra force and control you get to parry and stab less armoured parts like the armpits and eye slits. I suggest that if you do an Alt + Stab with a two-handed sword, you’d do the half-hand technique. It would have much less range but much more damage, at the same speed as a normal thrust.

    In real combat, two opponents half-swording would look more like they wrestle (compared to Chivalry at least), they’d always hold the half-sword grip and they’d parry with it. For Chivalry, I just suggest it as an alternate stab.

    As you see in that picture, there are two types of half-swording techniques used. One is the one I described, the other one is when you turn the blade around attack an armoured knight with the hilt or the pommel (pommel someone to death), by doing so it acts like a warhammer with all the momentum behind it and the weight of the pommel and hilt. Some swords were even designed with sharp pommels and such, for this technique. Anyways, it’s the previously mentioned technique I suggest, not this one. I don’t know how it could be implemented into Chivalry, although it could look cool.

    Here’s a video of the half-sword stabbing/sparring technique.
    Here’s a video of the half-sword “pommel your opponent to death” technique.

  • viewtopic.php?f=8&t=10092 Already been suggested. But I don’t think we need it due to the fact we have maces. And also slashes with swords can kill a knight in chivalry. But having it as a alternate stab is interesting, but every class has at least 1 blunt weapon.

  • Ah, sorry, didn’t know that :/ Shoulda looked for it more.

    But I’m just suggesting it as an ‘Alt + stab’ attack, which would do a bit more damage at the cost of a bit less range. I know Mel Gibson does a kill like that in Braveheart too.

    If Chivalry would be an ultra-realistic sword sparring game, this would be a vital technique, but it’s not. Fights are over much faster since you can damage with all weapons, with slashes, and as you said, we have maces (although what if you didn’t pick mace and want to down a knight a bit quicker?)

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