[FF] THE COLISEUM - Arena duel only.

  • Ahoy brave fighters ! :)

    For those who are addicted to chopping heads and crushing enemies , the ones who want to settle a conflict, here is the Coliseum server !

    Hosted by the Fat Frogs team, we propose you a place meant to gather all the fierce and best warriors of Chivalry.

    Concerning the settings, it takes place on Arena flat, no archers allowed , Rank 30 minimum and Autokick High pings

    The server is hosted in France :

    I’m waiting for you all :D

  • You guys should really switch to ffa moor. Duel mode is utterly crap.

  • I personally enjoy more Traditional duel on moor too, but there is already some good server like that. We wanted something different , more official, less training.

  • Great server and FF are a good bunch of guys. Our Duel server will be up and running once the Tournament is over, seen you there a few times Rump (hope you don’t mnid me shortening it :p)

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