Chivalry-Slashing b*tch AI-Z2

  • Hello everyone

    First I wanted to praise the game. I love it.

    What is it about?:

    It´s about a let´s play with a little twist. You will meet “Sarah sanity”, who is a mixture of disrepect, god complex and borderline syndrome. She makes of excuses for her losses, insults the players in a funny way and tries to stand out the most.

    What makes her special is that she is a machine. The commentary is using a text to speech voice and there were added custom content.

    This should be considered as parody, not as a insult to players.

    I hope you guys will enjoy it. If you do, I will continue the series.

    So, enjoy :D

    Episode 1:

    Episode 2:

  • gotta love the intro :D

    and the first episode

    and the second

    :D :D

    i want such comments while i am playing 8-)

  • Many thanks. I never guessed, I would receive such positive feedback ;) .

    It would be funny to have it ingame. But maybe it will be possible in the future :D.

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