More Open Duel Stages Please.

  • The duel stages are really cool looking, and have a great medieval feeling, but most of them are too cramped. I don’t mind dueling in tight quarters on occasion, but it seems like most of the stages are small spaces with many things to catch your weapons on. These obstacles can make for an interesting duel, but it would be nice to have some very open stages. (Not too open as to make it hard to find your opponent.) I know that there are some, but I would like a lot more. Sectioned off places of already existing levels would be just fine.

  • duel_moor is on the beta app right now.

  • @SlyGoat

    That’s good to hear. Moor is my very favorite stage, but just one more open stage among the cycle of many small/cluttered stages doesn’t seem like nearly enough.

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