[TEAM] Fighting alongside Teammates

  • A lot of new players and even some experienced ones still seem unfamiliar with how to work with your team and attack and defend alongside one another. This is the cause of a lot of accidental teamattacks/damage etc.

    Lets get some tips out there for fighting alongside teammates. I think the number one thing here is just being aware of surroundings… not only do you have to worry about what enemies are surrounding you, but what your teammates are doing.

    The hope is that if you are surrounded, at least some of your teammates are around to help you out. The last thing you want is for your team to become your enemy with team damage.

    TIP #1 - if there are already 2 teammates attacking one person, leave it alone, find another enemy. Throwing more that 2v1 into a mix adds to the confusion, it may even cause your teammates and yourself to lose a 3v1 because you are attacking each other, worrying about trying to get around your teammates to not attack them, etc etc. Better off just letting them finish it, and move onto another target. Chances are, theres another enemy that sees that 2v1 and will want to help, go for him so that he cannot mess up THEIR 2v1. Just watch the killfeed to make sure that they die eventually, if not… watch your back.

    TIP #2 - When in 2v1 situations… try to make a right angle with your partner in crime. If you ever played or watched soccer, this is a main key in how they handle 2v1 situations. They create an L shape between them and their opponent. When they pass to the other guy, the one who passes the ball then moves to another location always creating the L shape. Try to do this. One thing this does is it spreads you guys out creating more for him to watch out for, he has to lookk left and right to constantly try to find out where the attacks will come from. Watch your partner, if you see him going for the attack… let him finish. Experienced players combo their attacks, it may be one strike or two. If he hits… wait for them to finish a combo if they go for it. If the defender looks ready to parry, advance forward enough that you are in range and can attack RIGHT after the parry… this requires timing. Another thing that creating the L shape does in addition to spreading his defensive bubble he must achieve… but it also opens up space to where you and your partner can exchange throwing attacks at the victim.

    TIP # 3 - You don’t always have to attack to be effective in a 2v1. Sometimes blocking for your partner is neccesarry. Say he overextended himself and didn’t judge the range properly… he may miss and the other guy may throw a countering attack his way… don’t be afraid to block for him and then counter, or just throw the block up and both of you guys reset your stance. Shields come in super handy too in 2v1s… the shielder can block all incoming attacks and the other can throw attacks between.

    TIP # 4 - Most teammates if attacking from behind and see the 2v1 situation are going to attempt pokes or overhands from the right. If you are first up to attack in front of teammates… try to move laterally instead of just forward. If you can attack and then move, your teammates will have an easier time getting around you and completing the kill. Try to move to the left if possible so they can come in on the right, or vice versa, i’d say moving left would be more popular since the game kind of naturally orients you to want to move right. If you are up front, take the ambidextrous side and go left… create the L.

    TIP # 5 - Don’t be a kill hogging little whore bitch. The purpose of TO matches, LTS… etc is to stay alive, kill the others, and push the objective if in objective mode. Your kill count doesnt matter. Stop fighting your own teammates for kills, and work together to get the kills, take the assist once in a while. By getting tunnel vision and aiming for the most kills, you can hinder your team by fighting them for the kills. Don’t do this, this causes team damage… wild swings… and may just get you and the rest of your team killed which helps noone. Don’t be greedy!

    TIP # 6 - feint and look away if you are about to hit a teammate. You should know the windup time of the weapon you are using. If you see that your attack is going to hit a teammate… look up… look down… look away… or the best option… feint the attack. If you feint, it will pull your attack back and not hit your teammate, and you will be freed up to throw another one if the situation arises. Looking away, up, or down still has the chance you may accidentally hit your teammates, but if you cannot feint anymore, look away in some direction as hard as you can. I’d say down is the best option, but just watch for feet. At least if you hit though, it’s only their feet and won’t do AS MUCH DAMAGE.

    TIP # 7 - swinging at your teammates back will not help them get unstuck on a map spot or in a doorway etc. I know it can be frustrating when you are trying to move and someone is blocking you, hitting them in the back doesn’t help anything… so you newer players… stop doing that to my back lol. I got stuck, i’m not moving right now… go around or wait a sec for me to kick or free myself… lol.

    Tip # 8 - Back attack… they can’t block from their rear… might as well attack it if you see the opening… plain and simple. Back attack, flank… etc. Running straight at people gives you no advantage of surprise, flanking does… getting the first hits off in a fight will throw the whole dynamic of the player getting hit, you can usually even get 2 in or the kill… attack the rear, me lords!

    If anyone else has some tips or wants to extend on anything i’ve said please feel free. Open discussion here!

  • Tip # 8 - Back attack… they can’t block from their rear…

    Oh, if only this was true. :) But yeah, it is always much safer to attack from a non front on position. Even simply moving around to the side of an opponent when they are fighting someone else can be enough to spook them or throw them off where you can then punish them.

    Vanguard tip: Never, ever, ever, ever use your charge attack to help someone locked in a fight. The only occasion this could ever be a good idea if your ally is completely surrounded and he might die anyway or if you want to cleave a whole lot of people. But apart from that, never ever charge attack as Vanguard to help your team mate. It leaves you too open if you miss, it throws off your ally as much as your opponent because your ally must either block your attack or get out of the way himself.

    Another tip: Try to be careful of your attacks passing through the enemy into an ally who is on the outside. I know this can be difficult to put into practice as it sometimes comes down to your ally knowing not to be too close to the fight, but it’s always good to save a team mate and kill an enemy rather than killing both.

    Another tip #2: PLEASE STOP THROWING/SHOOTING THINGS AT MY ENEMY WHEN I’M LOCKED IN COMBAT WITH HIM. I can’t count the number of times I’ve taken a friendly arrow to the bum, throwing axe to the back of the head, oilpot to the shins, bolt or javelin through the spine when a oh so smart team mate thought they could helpful and end up killing me or interrupting an action of mine. Maybe I should say, please try to be careful if you feel the urge to launch projectiles at a target within 1 meter of my body.

  • lol, nice additions. Forgot all about the stupid van charge, i’ve killed many a teammates in my attempts and rarely get them off. Only really good to attack somone from behind that’s like mid attack. You have to make sure that these hit, and the best ones are the ones that poke and not slash. Polearms.

    Through hits, i know all about these because i fancy the spear… which is the worst at going through people. It is awesome being able to skewer multiple enemies all at once and then looking at their reactions like holy shit he just hit all 3 of us!

    and projectiles - yiss me lord. I am guilty of this a bit… but i like to fancy myself as quite the assassin when it comes to throwing weapons. I’ve killed so many people with them its so fun. I’m really digging the short spear too… i’ve learned the ways of the spearchucker

  • Tip 1
    Whenever you engage in a team fight you should almost ALWAYS overhead - stab combo. 90% of the time. This will reduce the chance of hitting your teammates greatly. This applies to all 2 handers. Be careful though, I once accidentally killed 2 of our archers in a row with the bardiche overheads, not my brightest moment :-P.

    Tip 2
    Use your archers! By this I mean you dont always have to rush to your enemies. Stand aside your archers and defend them, even if it’s just one guy it’s very powerful for he is presenting a thread and if he hits a guy charging at you, you can finish him off easily. So take advantage of that, defend your archers.

  • The only thing I have to add Sir Bigsby is the Fakeout. If your enemy is currently watching you, keep his attention on you by either feinting or even more simply, sprint toward him and then stop without attacking. He will be forced to recognize you as a threat and give plenty of time for your teammate to tag him in the back. Whether or not he turns around, you’re now free to attack as well, since he can’t look both ways at once.

  • Big tips for surviving Team Fights;

    1. Be aware of the guy your fighting with, check his name. Ideally you want to be of a similar rank. With similar rank you both have similar experience and can expect they play similar. This helps a lot, particularly at higher ranks.
    If you and you’re partner are sufficient in rank/skill then you can worry a whole lot less about them hitting you.

    2. Be aware of your team mates attacks as much as the enemy, many a time a 2v1 is lost because team mates kill/hurt each other. Be ready to block/parry your own team mates attack if necessary.

    3. The number 1 reason Team Kills happens is greed. Players just want that kill so bad they don’t mind if they hurt you, so that just makes points 2 and 1 more important.

  • @clayton-bigsby:

    TIP # 6 - feint and look away if you are about to hit a teammate.

    This, so, so hard.

    Also: If you are going to be an annoying archer, at least take care of THEIR annoying archers. Your job is NOT to meddle in melee fights and shoot your own team while doing it half the time.
    The ONE advantage of an Archer is range far past anyone’s weapon; thus your team needs YOU to distract THEIR people with that advantage, not faff about trying to headshot a knight.

  • On fighting next to your team mate don’t dance around everywhere or you’re at risk of being hit by your enemy and your friend, and your friend will not feel one iota or sorrow for hitting you in the back of the head as he’s going for the one enemy.*

  • What irks me the most is that most people don’t even care if they swing through teammates. I understand mistakes happen, I’ve killed teammates too, but I feel like a lot of TK’s would not happen if people played for the team and not themselves. I try my best to avoid jumping into other people’s fights unless I am absolutely sure I won’t hit a teammate (learn the reach of your weapon!).

    Also, and I think some veteran players will agree with me on this, if I’m fighting 1v1 I know what I’m doing and I don’t need your help. Occasionally I appreciate a well-placed hit, but most of the time, you distract me at best and get me killed at worst. Just wait 5 seconds and see what happens - if I win you can move on to the next person, and if I die, he’s all yours.

    A tip for shield users: if you’re fighting someone 1v1 and you see a teammate swinging a big weapon (usually a maul, it’s always a goddamn maul) from behind the enemy, RAISE YOUR SHIELD. You won’t take damage from your idiot teammate, and the enemy will be sandwiched with nowhere to go.

  • I very very rarely hit any teams mates (insert never) unless they are dancing around everywhere as if its one v one. Its especially annoying when my teammates come and do this when i was fighting the target first. I’m not going to pull shots because the guy is leaping in and out of my line of attack every 0.5 sec.

  • Great guide for new players and a refresher for even mid level players.

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