Concerning parry animation - another feint/parry idea

  • Just a stupid suggestion maybe but let’s try anyway. One of the problem of feints is that right now there is an information assymetry between the feinter and… feintee. Perhaps the assymetry could be balance a little bit if the parry animation behaved differently.

    I am not suggesting any changes in functionalities, timings etc. My idea is that pressing the parry button would not trigger the parry animation, only the “state of parry” while the animation itself would play only if the defender would be successfully attacked (and correctly turned in relation to the attack of course). Of course the animation would have to play faster if the defender parried early (and the attack would catch him just before the end of the “parry state”) and longer if he parried in the last moment. This way the mechanic would not change a bit but the attacker/feinter would have no information whether the defender/feintee is really going to parry or not BUT he would be able to read the parry times and adjust his strategy (feint on early blocker, not feint on late blocker).

    Moreover it brings other possibilities for further development of the game. Right now there is only one parry animation for each weapon and sometimes it looks weird because the weapon is not really blocking the attack. If the animation was triggered by the successful attack, in time the devs could make custom-tailored parry animations for each type of attack (swing left, swing right, overhead, stab). I can even imagine that the parry animations would be quite fast and if the defender is attack twice during his “parry state”, there would be two parry animations, each reacting on the particular attack, which would look extremely cool 8-)

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