Translation(s) of this game

  • So yeah, as you can see in my description I’m german and the german translation done so far is pretty well done and good.

    Unfortunately whoever responsible for the translation seems to have died or vanished in a blackhole and was never seen again.

    I don’t know how far the other translations are but is there a way to give the translation into some else’s hands? (LIKE MINE? :P ) Or more general: The community/certain members of it?

    Maybe get like 2 or 3 translators per language on it and just let them translate the whole thing.

    I don’t wanna see any mishmash of English and German in this game anymore. :p

    And YES, I’d even do it for free. So thankful am I for this game.
    I wrote Tibberius a message like 2 months ago and haven’t received any answer yet. Guess he just dropped it somewhere between real complaints. ;D

    But still, some Mod or Dev feedback/answer on this would really make me happy. :)

    Last but not least, people from Sweden, France, etc.: How far has the game been translated in(to) YOUR version/language?

    Thanks in advance for any answers/tips/suggestions/bla. You know what I mean. ;)


  • Speaking of translations…

    Would Torn Banner be interested in Czech localization? I have already made an offer through their webpages but so far there has been no answer.

  • What text in the German localization needs to be updated?

  • Where are the files that hold the ingame text?

    As people could just modify those files and send them in.

    Though I suppose it a bit harder doing it for chivalry. I’ve translated the millenaire mod for minecraft into English. Well proof read everything and fixed the many many mistakes. Its a French mod.

  • If this became a thing, I’d be more than happy to help translate the game into norwegian. I’m sure there’s quite a few of us up north who would join in!

  • Gute Idee! :D

  • French translation would be easy for me, but do you mean subtitles or voice acting? Because, uhh… <.< I don’t know how “French” I can make my screams sound

  • Nah I’m mainly talking about the subtitles or the objectives.

    Voice acting…would sure be interesting but I’m sure as fuck that we won’t have/find any voice that can keep up with the Mason Knight or Vanguard. Those are just sick. ;)

    @Slygoat: Mainly all new objectives, concering Citadel in particular.
    I also noticed some smaller mistakes like “Fangen” (catch) for KOTH instead of “Erobern” (capture). Not sure what kinda madness drove the translator there. :D

    Also a bug in the graphic-configuration menu: “Beenden” (Exit/Close) instead of “Speichern” (Save).
    So you have to press the Close button to Save your changes. Somewhat weird. :p

    Thx in advance!

    P.S.: Maybe I will upload some pictures to show what exactly I mean instead of typing it. :)

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