Keybinds Resetting on a regular basis

  • Why are keybinds resetting on a regular basis? It’s truely annoying. Also the Vsync enables at the same time.



  • anyone having this?

  • I’ve heard that they reset every time there was an update, or every time you switched from beta to normal Chivalry (this doesn’t happen since we have a standalone beta client).
    Up until a week ago my binds would reset every time I launched the game, and editing the UDKInput.ini didn’t work for me. I have no idea why, but it’s fixed now.

  • Would suggest clearing out your config folder, and letting Chiv rebuild them from scratch, then see if they stick.

    Make sure you’re not blocking any read/write permissions on that folder too.

  • Mine just reset for the second time, both times the game updated it reset my keybinds… really annoying.

  • I’ve heard of this issue before, although unsure what causes it. A slight workaround is to set the configs up as you want then make the input config read only: if you make any changes after that you’ll have to allow write access again, but it should stop the input ini from beings reset for whatever reason causes it

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