Cant play game, just bought it

  • So I just downloaded this game on steam. I installed it, and every single time i try to load it, it freezes and says udt.exe has stopped working, unkown reason. Im running 8GB RAM, AMD 3.8 overclocked to 4.2, and xfx hd video 2GB. I havent even been able to play it once. I checked that all files are installed correctlt through steam. help

  • I’m not too familiar with ATI cards as the last one I bought was back in 1999 and only had 2MB of Ram on it. 8-)

    The first step:

    type or select Chivalry from the list in section 1…. then hit “Can you run it”

    It will load up a Java app which will scan your system and then show you were your system is in regards to performance. It will flag anything that doesn’t meet minimum or recommended specs and suggest upgrades, etc.

    If anything is flagged then there’s a starting point.

    If nothing is flagged and your system checks out perfectly fine, then it’s time to look back at the game itself.

    You may have to either restart your system after the install (you never know) or you might have to redownload the game again (which would suck) ~ Sometimes the verify game cache in Steam doesn’t work for me. It says everything is fine, but it’s not and when I uninstall, delete all the game’s folders in steamapps and documents>mygames, and then reinstall, it usually fixes the problem.

    But before you do that, maybe someone else in here may have a better alternative for you to try in order to save you some bandwidth.

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