I am not ranking up. At all.

  • Hello, I am new to the forums(and a bit to the game as well), I don’t know if anyone started a topic like this before, so please forgive if someone already said this.
    Problem is, I can’t rank up. No matter what. I’ve played in a lot of different servers(specially VAC secured), even got the top position at some, but I’m still at level zero. Is this a bug or am I doing something wrong?
    Oh yeah, and before people come up and say “rank doesn’t matter”, I’d like to say I agree partially, rank does not affect your fun with the game, that’s true, but it’s very irritating to see your name on the board, and a big ZERO next to it, besides the fact that I can’t unlock new weapons.
    So has anyone got any idea of what could be wrong?

  • 8 people in the game at least? 8-)


  • Has to be an Official server

  • The other question to ask is exactly how long have you been playing?

    It does take a little bit of time before you rank up…. it doesn’t just come to you in a round or two.

    That and ranking/unlocks, from what I remember, are based on kills, not overall points… so the more kills you get, the faster you will level up.

  • Thanks for the replys guys, but it seems now I am at rank 2 (yay?), so it probably means I’m ranking up now, so thanks anyway!

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