[SIEGE] Stoneshill Trebuchet advice?

  • Can someone explain how that trebuchet can be useful, in the first stage especially?

  • Why does it need to be useful in the first stage? Rarely but you can hit a few peasants in the first stage. I would imagine if you practiced enough you could hit more. If the cam wasn`t broken it would be easier.

    Second stage its useful to either team for blowing up defenders or attackers. Well as useful as any ranged siege weapon can be.

  • In the first stage, rush to it and give it about 3 clicks aiming straight up the hill. Keep your aim to the left of the barn-thing on the hill, but to the right of the palisades. You’re aiming for the center of the town, where peasants are sometimes clustered up, but you don’t want to hit that little garden in the middle because you’ll rarely kill anything right there, so a little to the left is my preference. Getting some idea of how the enemy is setting up is useful, but you can also kill Masons more easily on the right side because a lot of people focus on that entry rather than running all the way around the hill to the left, which you can see them do anyway from your spot on the cata, hence shooting a little left is better for the TK-avoiding thing.

    You can try and shorten the distance and aim to drop the rock just on the other side of the hill, between the two houses there (the one on the right with the ammo box by it and the smaller one), but that exact number of clicks is kind of a feel-for-it thing and again is dangerous for TK because a lot of fights happen in that little alley and you may shoot too short and kill your archers atop the hill.

    Give it some more juice (4-5 clicks) and aim to the right or left of the red-roofed building to hit near the Agatha spawn, but I prefer the shorter click shots because then your rate of fire is increased.

    The longer shots are useful in the second stage if you’re Agatha though, for bombarding where the ram comes out. Again, rush to it and just bomb the left side of the large red-roofed building with max clicks to try and get some multi-kills near the spawn and on the ram, shortening your clicks as the ram advances. The easy part about that is that you can just aim a little ahead of the objective marker, no guesswork there =]

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