Server tools out dated?

  • I’m using the steam browser to run a dedicated server at home. I messed up something, so I blew away the files. Downloaded a new one thinking it would be good to go since the last update, but the maplist is out dated. As well as the map type.

    I understand Torn Banner isn’t getting a cut off my server, but it seems kind of silly that I have to go gut the config files if I just want to toss up a server for some drunken shenanigans. Most guides are out dated.

    Anyone have something current? Been digging around and can’t find any sort of step by step guide or an updated config file anymore. Maybe I’m just blind…

  • lol server tools,pfff what server tools.
    b prepared to spend hours looking around, not getting any help and searching sum more on setting up a server, anything u can find is so difficult to comprehend,outdated or immense in detail for the average bear to figure it out is unlikely.the way they did it is so unuserfriendly to set 1 up

    ive had a post in this hub for 3 weeks and 75 views with not 1 response.i dnt care if u think my question is stupid or not important, its important to me!, a player of the game and a server operator which has a popular server with mods that ppl have a blast playing

    thats unaccepltable in my book, the server operators hub should take presidence over alot of the topics the mods seem to spend their time posting in defending the game, instead of actually agreeing with whats wrong and getting it fixed, cause if theres no server help,to get servers up and running or help the server operators how u can u expect ppl to play the game or have a place to play it!

    pm me and i will try to help u out this weekend buddy

  • Wasn’t there a GUI of some sort to configure a dedicated server and launch it? If not, it’s possible to do one like I did the alternate server browser…

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