Character looks

  • i think that adding more rewards in the game we make it more well… rewarding like: in every some ranks or number of kills with any class earn a new helmet or a new overall look for you to decied which one to use so you can have your on personal taste on every class and be actuly diffrent from each other.
    i also think that the game will be better if there were a way to make the character face look diffrent (since it’s FPSlasher you actuly see faces), not to much when you can choose the height of your eyebrows but the colour of your skin and eyes and stuff like that.
    (the body need to stay the same so it will be fair and not everyone will take the smallest body so they will be harder to hit.)

    PS i hope it’s not to much, it’s just that this is the only good slasher game i heard of and play and i think i should express my thoughts on how to make it better (in the little things).

    PPS if you got that far in reading this… wow :o please comment your thoughts about ^^

  • idk… devs still already have their hands full… I wouldn’t be surprised if they had nothin’ better to do in the future, and end up doing something like this. This indie game doesn’t exactly have ALOT of people working around the clock either.

  • I reckon they’ll probably leave stuff like this up to the modders.

  • I want BEARDSSS!

  • Tibberius already said there will be customation. Just you wait!

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