Veteran Achievements and Helms

  • I have unlocked all the primary (and secondary) weapons for the Knight, Vanguard, and Archer classes, but I haven’t unlocked the Steam achievements for any of them. I also do not have access to the Veteran helmets. I checked through the forum and the only posts about people having this issue are over a month old with the only solution being “wait for the next patch”. Is this fix ever coming? It’s pretty annoying to see that I have unlocked virtually everything, but can’t use the veteran helms or show the achievements. My friends who have unlocked the primary weapons haven’t had a problem with their helms and achievements showing up, so is there anything I can do on my end to fix this?

    Thanks in advance! And everything else in this game is amazing! Haven’t had this much fun playing video games in years.

    -TheThing1 (In game name: TheThing2112)

  • I believe there’s a bug with veteran achievements/helms that should be fixed soon!

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